Brad Pitt awkward as Lena Trying to Kiss Him

Brad Pitt awkward as Lena Trying to Kiss Him

Tarantino’s ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ is on UK Premiere. The movie is released in the USA. Then next aiming to release in the UK. Probably it will be released by 15 August.

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In UK Premiere Lena Dunham, She is the part of the star cast of ‘Once Upon a time in a Hollywood’ is comes in the Headline. While UK Premiere Cameramen have caught up this actress, who tries to kiss Brad Pitt. At that time her eyes are set only for Brad Pitt. And She is the capture in the camera with awkward failed kiss trying the pose.

So, Initially, what happens at London Photocall premiere. Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Quentin Tarantino. They are slightly aside to Lena Dunham. All are three-person is a distance away from brad. To make the way Dunham Slightly move towards Brad. She is going to greet him, then she is surprising him to try a kiss on the lips. Obviously, he is not preparing for such a ridiculous act. Then Awkward moment is happening between the co-actor of Once upon a time in Hollywood.

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After this incident, Lena Dunham is tweet all her way.

Twitter Reactions

First, Lena Dunham hits the tweet, here it is “It’s not every day I get to wear a mumu, go barefoot, flirt with #BradPitt and join a cult… as a job. Today Once Upon a time in Hollywood comes out. Get thee to the theatre to see this gem of cinematic history.”

After this incident, some of the Netizens are come out to the tweets of Dunham’s approach and kiss on Pitt’s lips without his consent was wrong and not amusing.

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Where in reply some of Netizens wrote on twitter like “Lena Dunham attempted to kiss Brad Pitt on the lips without consent, call it what it is: sexual assault/harassment. Not ‘surprise.’ Not amusing. Not ok.” Another handle is pointing out Lena, Wrote “This is creepy. Sexual harassment can go both ways.”

These happen while promotional events of the in the foreigh UK. They are recently done with promotional events in the UK.

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