Boruto: the serious repercussions of Karma, how will the protagonist decide to act?

The manga di Boruto: Naruto Next Generations it is now at a crucial point. Although Isshiki has been stopped, the Kara Organization is still a serious danger, and with Naruto and Sasuke severely weakened following the battle, Kawaki and the protagonist will rise in defense of Konoha, who however is struggling with Karma.

By activating Baryon Mode during the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto lost, perhaps forever, Kurama. Also, taken aback by Momoshiki, emerged from Boruto’s body, Sasuke was shot in the left eye, that of the Rinnegan.

With the two heroes almost out of action, the future of Konoha it is grayer than ever. In defense of the Leaf the new generation will have to stand up, but Boruto, for fear that Momoshiki could suddenly re-emerge, has been temporarily put aside.

But the son of the Seventh Hokage decided to take this break from missions as an opportunity. Alongside Kawaki, he is training to face the upcoming threats that Konoha will have to face. With Code still in the game, the Kara Organization isn’t over yet, quite the opposite. The last remaining Interior, in fact, has a power out of the ordinary. According to what was stated by Amado, Code is even more powerful than Jigen, who had put both Naruto and Sasuke in serious trouble.

If Code were to be able to find new allies, and at the same time unlock its latent potential, for the Leaf Village it could be the end. Will Boruto and Kawaki be able to stop his vengeful plan?

In the future, the Ten-Tails could play a fundamental role in Boruto. Let’s find out the release date and what could happen in chapter 57 of Boruto.

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