Boruto: the anime turns 4, the best scenes of the year in a video

On April 5, four years ago, the first episode of the anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the sequel to one of the most acclaimed works of all time. On the occasion of this event, we relive the best moments of 2020/2021 in this spectacular video.

The animated series of Boruto today celebrates its fourth anniversary, after 193 episodes published so far. Over the years, the anime has lived through ups and downs. To remedy entire unpublished sagas created specifically for the animated series, we thought the last Vessel Arc, in which the Kara Organization has entered into action. And you have followed Boruto since the day of his debut?

In the clip shared on Twitter by the user Abdul_S17, viewers can retrace some of the more exciting fight scenes of this vintage. As you can see, the work of Studio Pierrot has been a continuous crescendo, reaching qualitative peaks that mark a new standard for future shonen productions.

From the crazy battle between Team 7 and Deepa, a member of the Kara Organization created specifically for the anime, to the brutal clash between Kawaki e Garo, passing, in the middle, for the fight between Boruto and Ao. Which of these fighting scenes impressed you and did you appreciate the most? Let us know yours with a comment in the appropriate box below.

Starting from episode 193 of Boruto, the anime has returned to faithfully adapt the manga version. The bond between Kawaki and Naruto seems destined to solidify in the next installments of Boruto.

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