Dragon Ball Super: is Vegeta finally ready for the next step?

After eliminating the threat of Molo, Goku is back to train in the company of Whis to master the Ultra Perfect Instinct. Meanwhile, Vegeta has realized that his training on the planet Yardrat has proved almost useless. The Saiyan prince, however, is ready to take the next step in Dragon Ball Superz.

In the last few chapters of the manga, Beerus offered his invaluable help to Vegeta. Aware of not being able to aspire to Ultra Instinct, for which an innate calm is needed, the Prince of the Saiyans follows the opposite path, that of the Hakai, the secret technique of the Gods of Destruction.

Although he is still far from mastering this skill, Vegeta has proved himself to be a serious student and by subjecting himself to the provocations of Beerus, in a short time he has learned the basics of Hakai, the quintessence of any God of Destruction.

To be able to master this technique, as explained by Beerus himself, Vegeta will have to forget the faults of his past, coming to “new life”. The god of the Seventh Universe seems to have chosen him as his heir, on the other hand the temperament and the ease with which he prepares for destruction make Vegeta an excellent student. But is the Prince really ready to take this step and abandon any concepts learned so far?

Meanwhile, it appears that Broly is ready to appear in Dragon Ball Super. Akira Toriyama has turned 66, happy birthday to the creator of Dragon Ball.

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