Boruto: Ryutan’s cops are more incompetent than Konoha’s ANBU

Warning! The following in The Truth News contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 191, “Stray Dog”, now airing on Crunchyroll. The anime is currently entering the Arco de Kawaki and therefore it is time for new secondary characters.

In the series Naruto, it is no secret that the division ANBU basically acted as a terrorist despite being accused of protecting Konoha. Sure, they guarded the Hidden Leaf, but as the decades passed, they became a warped ideal, one shrouded in a secret that even the Uchiha Clan took note of.

After all, the war was still raging and child soldiers, according to Kakashi, Itachi, and Shisui, became the norm for this squad as a debilitating effect spread. This eventually led to the Root Division that Danzo and his disciples used to wreak even more havoc in the name of justice.

All in all, they were incompetent when it came to the sanctity of life and one of the reasons Naruto needed a new era of peace. However, in the latest episode 191 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Ryutan’s cops prove to be even less capable.

Ryutan’s cops in Boruto

On Ryutan, Kawaki escaped after fighting Nue and Sumire. He doesn’t want to stay in the lab for fear of being experienced in his Kara days. While wandering around town trying to find food and even befriending a stray dog, he runs into Sumire again.

This time he is more receptive to their help, that is, until the police show up. Now, we know that this is a village on the outskirts of Konoha, so we would not expect the same level of military skill. But honestly, there is a degree of ignorance and brutality here that goes beyond anything with ANBU.

This is what Ryutan’s policemen look like in Boruto

Ryutan cops see Kawaki with Sumire, but they decide to use their ninja science tools to shoot him. They don’t care about Sumire as collateral damage, and the fight becomes even more chaotic when he reaches the center of town.

They surround Kawaki, leaving Sarada yelling at them to stop. However, the policemen are not hiding anything, as they consider the teenager a “monster”, which encourages him to activate his Karma, inhale the fire and then shoot them.

Fortunately, he deflects the blast from hitting an innocent child, with Naruto Uzumaki then sucking on the blast and stopping Kawaki as he passes out. In Boruto, these Ryutan officers don’t listen to anyone, especially Team 7, which is shocking since Boruto’s crew knows more about Kawaki’s powers.

It’s like they haven’t even been informed, because they would have known what Kawaki did to Garo, his abilities, and also how lethal he can be. Is a weapon of mass destructionHe could literally blow up the village in the blink of an eye, but all these oppressive soldiers do is aggravate him and try to hurt him.

At least ANBU did their research and had a modicum of tact, but these cops are easy to shoot and nearly cremated their own people. What do you think of the Ryutan police? Boruto: Naruto Next Generations also continues in his monthly manga available on MANGA Plus.

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