Boruto: Naruto Next Generations suggests that Amado is not an ally

Warning! The following contains spoilers for chapter # 55 titled “Legacy” by Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by Masashi Kishimoto, now available in English from Viz Media. The Truth News reminds you that anime He is also introducing new characters from the Kara Organization.

Recently in the manga from Boruto, Konoha received massive blows after Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s defeat. Sasuke has lost his Rinnegan eye, but more importantly, while Naruto survived, the Nine-Tailed demon fox, Kurama, died.

When they return to the village beaten and bruised, while Shikamaru celebrates victory, Sumire he takes note of the behavior of Kara’s traitor, Amado, hinting that he might not be an ally after all.

Why isn’t Amado an ally of Konoha?

Beloved lost in thought about Kawaki

Beloved approached the Hidden Blade to expose Jigen and how the villain wanted to use the Karma mark to become Isshiki. He spilled details about the cursed seal that Kawaki and Boruto had, giving Naruto and Sasuke an idea of ​​how to defeat the alien.

Beyond that, he had Koji Kashin fighting and weakening Jigen, which convinced Konoha that he was worth it and someone they could feel comfortable offering shelter to. But when the team returns, Amado doesn’t seem too excited. In fact, he is lost in thought, muttering to himself and missing Katasuke.

However, amid the post-victory celebrations, no one is really paying much attention; except Sumire. When Amado asks about him kawaki welfare, she takes it as a red flag.

Sumire suspects Amado in chapter 55

Beloved hears that Kawaki is fine, but his relief seems fake. He’s distracted and clearly up to something else, and as Sumire looks at him, she can tell that something is wrong. Sumire of all people would know, as she was once a spy who infiltrated the village.

In the Boruto sequel past, Sumire was supposed to use the beast Nue, tethered to his life force, to destroy Konoha on his father’s orders, a loyal to tyrant Danzo Last seen in Naruto: Shippuden.

Instead, Boruto made her abandon those ways and understand the ideals of family, love, and peace that Konoha represents. Since then, Sumire has devoted herself to protecting and even got close to Boruto, but she can still tell when someone is hiding something.

Beloved would be a traitor in the Boruto manga

Knowing his past, Amado is definitely someone to take care of, as it is very possible that he is caught in his ways and could be a villain again. Sumire would also learn that Amado put Konoha in danger during his time as Kara’s chief scientist, as his war and Kawaki’s recovery mission ended the lives of shinobi as Mugino.

So it looks like he might want Kawaki dead one more time, going against Naruto’s edict, to protect the free ninja world. Or worse yet, you might want the child to use it as his own weapon of mass destruction, as he designed and remodeled the vision of kara under her eye.

Either way, Boruto has never trusted Amado and since the boy and Sumire are close, they are likely to investigate this “traitor” closely. The next chapter 56 of the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, is scheduled for March 18.

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