Boruto, excellent news for the anime: higher salaries for the animators and higher quality

While it is true that the manga’s Boruto: Naruto Netx Generations it does not enjoy great luck, since it is going through a period of crisis, otherwise we can say for the anime that continues to be one of the flagship titles of TV Tokyo. It seems, in fact, that the staff received some gratification from the popularity of the adaptation.

As Boruto’s anime prepares to faithfully adapt the manga’s original events again, the staff celebrates success with a slight increase in their salaries. Shuhei Nakata, one of the directors of the production of the television series, has in fact recently shared a twitter in which he confirms some improvements inherent to the project.

The first to which it refers, in particular, concerns a increase to the unit price at layout of approximately 1000 yen (just under € 8), a decision taken in agreement with the producer. Secondly, Nakada affirms the arrival of 3 new animation directors to the project who will help the staff to dispose of the work as well as several foreign animators who have already had the opportunity to show their talent in some previous episodes. Finally, the director added that he is working hard for other improvements, a symptom of a production that is more attentive to the needs of employees. There are not many reported cases of wage improvements, news that cannot fail to arouse pleasure as the industry has for years been accused of ridiculous wages for the workload.

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