59% of the studios have not changed their billing and 16% even increased it

In the presentation of the White Book on the Spanish Development of Videogames, which every year the DEV association produces with the support of ICEX Spain, all the figures referring to the video game industry in our country have been shelled, with special attention to everything that concerns the impact of COVID on the figures. However, the recess has been less than fearsome: 59% of Spanish studies have not seen their monthly billing change, and 16% have even increased it, while only 25% have suffered a drop.

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This is due, according to DEV, to the fact that many studies have seen their figures improve thanks to the increase in hours of play of users confined at home, and only studies that were starting development or were still in the process of financing it have been affected. For this reason, 72% of the studies have affirmed that the pandemic has not affected their relationships with publishers, and 83% have not had to cancel projects. However, 47% have recognized that they have had to paralyze them at some point during the crisis.

Optimistic billing data for a crucial year

All this has resulted in a rise in billing: 920 million euros in 2019 (the year this year’s edition covers), 13% more than in 2018, and optimistic forecasts. Until 2023 a sustained increase of 17% is expected, reaching 1,723 million euros that year, almost double that in 2019.

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, spoke at the presentation, and stated that 2021 will be a “crucial year” for the promotion of Spain as a world reference in the sector. Among the plans to achieve this is the recently presented Government Audiovisual Hub, where the video game is included, and to which more than 1.6 billion euros will be allocated.

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