The Attack of the Giants: fans unleashed against the ending and the leaks, the editor blocks comments

It is not uncommon for an ending to divide the readers in two, indeed, it is even more common that a certain conclusion does not meet the expectations of the fans, even more so when there is a community of millions of people behind it. The end of The attack of the Giants it finally arrived, not without bringing with it the wrath of some enthusiasts.

We have already summarized the final chapter of The Attack of the Giants, which we strongly advise you to recover if you are on par with the story, however most of the events had already leaked due to the numerous leaks that emerged on the net. And it was the massive leak that sparked fans of the Hajime Isayama against the manga editor, guilty of having an official account.

Behind a large portion of users who have supported the author, an absolutely large slice of the public expressed a huge contempt for the great multitude of leaks left to circulate online several hours before the official release, a phenomenon that not only spoiled the full reading of the chapter but also the author’s expectations. A fan, in fact, adds: “Erase this ending, please, leaks are everywhere and if they turn out to be correct people will go crazy. Please Isayama.

There are not a few who did not appreciate the ending, the development of the latest events and even the many questions that remained pending. At the bottom of the news you can take a look at some comments from the most disappointed fans, a large amount of criticism that forced the editor to have to close the comments in their profile to limit the hatred of users. And you, instead, what do you think of their criticisms? Let us know with a comment below.

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