Boruto: why will Kawaki attack Konoha? Let’s discuss it

During the flash forward it started with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Kawaki was presented as the person who would destroy Konoha, kill Naruto and who was preparing to attack the protagonist. However, at the moment the boy is still tied to the Leaf, what will cause his forehead change?

Some old theories speculated that Jigen, who turned out to be Isshiki Otsutsuki, would be able to get hold of his Vessel again and incarnate in his body. However, the last chapters of the manga led to the defeat of this plan; but then why will Kawaki attack the village that hosted him with love?

An answer to this question is given by chapter 56 of Boruto. Kawaki is intent on helping the protagonist, whose conscience is about to be bent by Momoshiki’s will. Both guys are became 80% of the Otsutsuki, but this transformation is much more drastic in Boruto, who when he drains his chakra he loses control of his body in favor of being evil.

To put an end to this, Kawaki proposes a solution: whoever wields Karma can transfer it in turn to someone else. So, to free himself from the seal, Boruto will have to track down Code, the last follower of Jigen’s will still alive, and pass it on to him.

However, Kawaki is unaware that before his death Isshiki appeared to Code, who is now in possession of a White Karma, a sign that differs from those of the two boys in that it allows him to remain himself while obtaining the full powers of an Otsutsuki.

When Kawaki and Boruto manage to track down Code, the latter could deceive Konoha by pretending his defeat. By doing so, he could creep in and take control of Kawaki’s body, which would then become one tool of revenge by Code and Jigen.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of Boruto has decided his next move, here’s how he will act. Let’s find out when Boruto chapter 57 will be released.

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