Dragon Ball Super 71: first official spoilers! The secrets of Ultra Instinct?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 70 ended on a cliffhanger, after shedding light on Granolah’s deal with the Dragon of Cereal and the Heeters family. Today, waiting for April 20, we summarize the first spoilers of the highly anticipated chapter 71, which apparently will stage an important revelation.

In the last chapters of Dragon Ball Super we met Granolah, an alien who lived through the great era of the Saiyans and who witnessed the destruction of his planet at the hands of the Oozaru. Discovering Freeza’s return, he decided to use the Dragon Balls and thanks to these Granolah he became the strongest warrior in the universe.

At the top of the news you can take a look at the first preview, which presumably dictates what will be the narrative line of the next chapter. Whis in fact asks a very important question to Goku, and seems ready to reveal the true secret of Ultra Instinct to him. For the moment the Saiyan does not seem able to rival Whis despite having obtained the power of the Gods, and chapter 71 could reveal the reason for this strength gap.

Dragon Ball Super 71 will arrive on Tuesday 20 April at 5:00 pm, always on MangaPlus. For the next spoilers, however, we will only have to wait a few days, given that the release date is set for Wednesday, April 14th. For other similar previews, remember to subscribe to the Everyeye Plus Youtube channel.

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