Boom 2, Midori, After Credits and more applications for iPhone, iPad or Mac for free or on sale: Cazando Apps

New edition of the Hunting Apps section in which we collect some of the best iOS and macOS apps that have lowered their price or are free. A selection of applications with which to complete our collection with pieces such as Boom 2 for Mac, Midori or After Credits.

Apps gratuitas para iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV y Mac

Midori (Japanese Dictionary‪)

Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 17 03

An ideal Japanese-English dictionary to start a contact with the language of the country of the rising sun. An app in which we can practice the different Kanjis, make translations and exercise our memory with questions via flashcards. We can acquire this app for 10,99 euros for free.

After Credit‪s‬

Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 18 38

Has the movie finished? Maybe yes, there may be a hidden scene behind the credits. After Credits is a curious application where we can check if the movie we are watching or are going to see has a hidden scene. We can acquire this app for 1,09 euros for free.

Cycles – Daily Habit Creato‪r‬

Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 20 35

Cycles allows us to configure reminders of actions that we want to carry out every day until we make it a habit. An application compatible with the iPhone and Apple Watch where we can show our dedication while we create new customs. We can acquire this app for 1,09 euros for free.


Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 14 20

A curious game that tells the story of a boy in search of a flower. A journey that takes us through different levels with beautiful graphics and quiet juice dynamics. We can acquire this app for 2,29 euros for free.

Reduced apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac

Boom2:Volume Boost & Equalize‪r‬

Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 21 38

Boom 2 is an application for Mac with which we can improve the audio experience of our Mac. The app automatically calibrates the volume depending on the machine it is running on to obtain the greatest possible improvement. We can acquire this app for 16,99 euros 14,99 euros.

PRO Disk Cleane‪r‬

Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 24 59

A storage cleaning application on our Macs with which we can easily delete files from uninstalled applications, temporary internet files, old email attachments and much more. We can acquire this app for 5,49 euros 3,49 euros.

Markdown Pr‪o‬

Screenshot 2021 04 09 At 8 25 50

Markdown Pro, as its name already indicates, is a word processor in markdown format. An app with a clean interface that allows us to quickly create documents in a familiar format and export them to PDF, HTML or plain text. With automatic saving and version history to ensure our work. We can acquire this app for 10,99 euros 6,99 euros.

More offers?

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