These are all the ads we’ve seen on the Spring Loaded keynote

The visual aspect of Apple’s non-contact keynotes is really very striking. Between the walks we take through Apple Park and that we discovered that a whale lives under the central pond of the same, Apple has given us some ads that are now available on its YouTube channel.

Ads, humor and action

Some videos in general in a humorous way that narrate in a very graphic and funny way the news of the different products. The first we have seen has been that of the iPhone 12 in purple. A video that shows us part of the manufacturing process of this device, something that is always interesting to see.

We continue with the announcement of presentation of the AirTag. In this video the protagonist looks for the keys on the sofa, and that sofa, it almost looks like Aladdin’s cave. A funniest ad that allows us to see how useful an AirTag can be on some other device.

It is now time to announce the new iMac. An advertisement that, how could it be otherwise, is full of the seven colors of these new computers. Showing the impressive thinness of these machines and the elegance in a very minimalist design.

iPad Pro. An ad with a nice cameo of Snoopy in space in a space launch theme that puts us in the context of the speed and power that this new iPad offers us. A device that receives, for the first time, a mini-LED screen and that, thanks to the new M1 chip, is well ahead of the previous generation.

And of course we’ve saved the best for last: Tim Cook entering Apple Park in true Mission Impossible style. In a short titled mission implausible, the CEO of Apple sneaks into the laboratories of Apple Park to move the M1 chip to the new iPad.

The new iMac in detail: Touch ID, base model specs, braided cables, MagSafe, colors, ports and more

It is clear that humor and creativity have been two main points in the company’s advertising campaigns for several months now. Several of today’s announcements are really interesting, well produced and very graphic in terms of the message you want to communicate. Without a doubt, an excellent marketing strategy and a real joy on our part.

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