Bodyguard Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Bodyguard Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The first episode was the most-watched new drama in the UK in 2018, and the first series was the most-viewed BBC drama inside a decade. The finale, which had 17.1 million viewers, was the most-watched TV drama even though records began.

It was about David Budd, a former soldier who became a SPO and was put in charge of protecting Julia Montague, the aspirational as well as powerful home secretary.

After a terrorist bomb killed Montague, Budd was accused of killing her. To clear his name, he had to figure out a complicated plot involving police corruption as well as organized crime.

The political conspiracy horror film created by Jed Mercurio of Line of Duty will be back, and Richard Madden will play Police Commander David Budd again, BBC1 bosses said.

The first sequence was indeed a big hit to viewers in 2018. It was one of the most popular dramas of the decade, with 11 million people watching the finale and millions so much watching on iPlayer. So, it’s been 4 years since the first series, which was very exciting, so it’s safe to say that fans want more.

Over the years, BBC has made a lot of hits, but some have been more popular than others. In 2018, the creator of the long-running police drama “Line of Duty,” Jed Mercurio, made a new show called “Bodyguard.”

“Bodyguard” was a huge hit when it came out. Richard Madden played Police Sergeant David Budd, a highly qualified officer with PTSD. Then, once Netflix got a hold of it and made it available to millions of people all over the world, it was a sure thing to be a hit.

In the six episodes of the first season, there are shocking moments after shocking moments, and you never know what will happen next. Fans weren’t happy only with six episodes, so as soon as Season 1 was over, there were calls for a season 2.

Bodyguard Season 2 Release Date

The show hasn’t been officially revived or canceled yet, but that doesn’t help often because Madden, Mercurio, and others who work on “Bodyguard” have been speculating about a second season since the first one ended, and now it seems almost certain that it will happen. When is the only question left?

Since it is now well past 2022 and no season 2 of Bodyguard has been filmed yet, we won’t see it until at least 2023. Could be 2024! The people who made it don’t seem to be in a hurry to complete it, which is bad for fans.

Bodyguard Season 2 Cast

Richard Madden has “confirmed” that he will be back for season 2 of Game of Thrones. He also said that he had been in talks with Jed Mercurio about the new season…

“I’m going to have a conversation with Jed in a few weeks to talk and find out what’s going on in his brilliant mind… So I’m thinking, What else can happen? With David, you know. Due to having a terrible time there for a few months. Where are you going with him?”

Jed Mercurio has also given some hints that, like in Line of Duty, a new cast could be added to a small group of established characters.

Jed said, “We weren’t the first ones to switch up the casts that way.” “But the show Line of Duty proved that it works well. And the idea is clear to the audience.”

Sophie Rundle, who was in season 2 of Peaky Blinders as well as Gentleman Jack, could play David’s estranged wife, Vicky. Gina McKee, Nina Toussaint-White, and Ash Tandon, who played Commander Anne Sampson, DS Louise Rayburn, and DCI Deepak Sharma, could also be back.

Even though there were grumblings that Hawes’ persona wasn’t dead at the end of the first season, it doesn’t look like she will come back.

Bodyguard Season 2 Trailer

Not yet, but when one does, we’ll post it here. In the meantime, here’s the teaser for the first season to get you back in the mood…

Bodyguard Season 2 Plot

In the first season, Police Sergeant David Budd was given the job of being the Home Secretary Julia Montague’s PPO, or principal protection officer. Budd can’t believe Montague’s political views, but the two of them worked together closely and later had an affair.

Jed Mercurio is known for keeping his shows’ plots a secret, and it looks like the new season of Bodyguard will be no different. However, David Budd could be working as a security expert for a royal family member or a foreign dignitary.

“From how well Bodyguard did, I learned a lot. It gave me hope to see that people were interested in something new and different “Mercurio says so.

“Bodyguard was merely a new idea, and people jumped on it right away. In the next few decades, I’d love to do something.”

Season 2 also seems to be the beginning of a new story, not a continuation of the one we loved in 2018.

Jed says, “There are things set up in the first season that we can use in a big way in the future.” “But I haven’t planned too far ahead because it would be too disappointing if the show didn’t get picked up again.

“You don’t know, so it’s something that I think is best done after the fact. If you’re lucky enough to have a second or third series, or whatever, and you have things from the past that may prove useful, I believe that’s the ideal way to do it.

“I think putting things into the initial season that have nothing to do with the first season can make it hard to understand what’s going on. It feels as though things do not fit together, which takes away from the pace and story drive that a thriller series should try to have.”

His actions had been eventually found out, and both Aitkens and Lorraine Craddock, who worked for Budd and gave Aitkens information about Julia’s plans and security measures in exchange for money, went to jail.

It was also found out that the woman who tried to bomb a train, Nadia, was not a helpless victim but a cunning bombmaker. Again, Nadia as well as her fellow terrorists worked for money with Luke Aitkens to make more bombs and help their cause.

David Budd was found not to have had anything to do with Julia’s death. He then got help for his behavioral issues and made things right with Vicky as well as their two kids.

After Anne Sampson divulged the Kompromat, which had embarrassing information about the Prime Minister, both the Prime Minister and the head of MI5, Stephen Hunter-Dunn, were forced to step down (Stuart Bowman).

But the sneaky MI5 worker who went by the name “Richard Longcross” and tried to hide Julia and MI5’s plan to get rid of the PM was able to get away from the police. Could he come back?

Also, Mike Travis ended up keeping his employment as Montague’s replacement. He stayed on to ensure that her contentious bill RIPA ’18, which would have given the government more power to monitor communication systems in the UK, is torn up.

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