How to Check Iqama Red Green Color Status Online

One of the most important tasks to perform when living in Saudi Arabia is to check the iqama status. The iqama status is indicated by a red or green color and can be checked online.

Having the correct iqama status is essential for any resident in the country and can make or break any applications or requests a person is making. It is best to be informed and aware of the iqama status to avoid any issues. Let’s look at the process of how to check the iqama status online.

What is Iqama Red Green Color Status

Iqama red-green color status is an online tool that allows Saudi citizens and ex-pats to check the validity of their Iqama (residency permit). When viewed online, it will display a single color – either red or green – with varying shades. The color-coded status indicates whether a person has an active or expired residency permit.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior (MOI) assigns each resident in Saudi Arabia either a red or green color leading to the terms: Red Iqama and Green Iqama. A green Iqama or ‘status’ means that a person’s stay in the country is valid for another year without any issues related to visas or immigration, while a red Iqamali also known as status is used when an expat’s work permit has expired and must renew before they can legally stay.

It is important to check your status regularly to prevent any delay in your requirements under MOI circumstances. In order to check your Iqama red-green color status, you will need access to your MOI Abshir account since only people with Abshir accounts are allowed to process certain MOI services electronically.

Once signed in, all you need is your ID number and password provided on your Abshir account credentials page where you can see your iqama validity (e-validity) and the respective color code associated with it – either RED or GREEN – which summarizes whether you are eligible for applying/renewing residence permits.

Steps to Check Iqama Red Green Color Status

Checking the Iqama Red Green Color Status online is an easy task that can be completed within a few seconds. With the help of an online tool, you can quickly access the most up-to-date information about your Iqama status.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to check your Iqama Red Green Color Status online so that you can quickly find out whether you have a valid visa or not.

Visit the Ministry of Interior website

Once you have logged in, navigate to the Department of Passports website on the Ministry of Interior (MOI) web portal. From there, click the “ezMaktabi” tab at the top of the page which will redirect you to a secondary page.

There, select “Query Iqama Expiry Service” from among the list of services offered. After you have read and understood any applicable terms and conditions for use of this service, click “Continue”.

You will then be required to enter your iqama number in order to proceed. Your iqama number is 12 digits long and can typically be found on your iqama card or your passport if you have a valid residency visa. Once this information has been filled out correctly and agreed to, click “Confirm” to check your iqama red-green color status online.

The subsequent page will display information regarding whether your iqama status is currently red or green, as well as details about when it needs to be renewed or updated in order for it to remain valid and in effect.

You can also review any other related personal/passport-related information on this same screen before continuing on with other transactions related to renewing/updating your current status with regard to visas/residency etc., if necessary.

Enter Your Iqama Number

To check your Iqama red-green color status online, you need to enter your Iqama number.

Your Iqama number is the unique identification number that is assigned to each expatriate working in Saudi Arabia. If you do not know what your Iqama number is, you should be able to find it on your residency permit card or on any official documents issued by the Saudi government related to you.

Once you have entered your Iqama number into the website, you will be required to provide additional information such as your full name, date of birth, and nationality. After submitting this information, the website will pull up a page displaying the current status of your Iqama renewal for that particular year.

Additionally, information regarding any fines or additional penalties associated with overstaying an ex-pat visa can also be found here.

When reviewing this page for more detailed information about checking Iqama red-green color status online review it carefully as mistakes cannot be reversed once submitted and may have unforeseen consequences for ex-pats in Saudi Arabia.

Enter the Captcha Code

When first visiting the MOI website to check your Iqama red-green color status, you will be asked to enter a CAPTCHA code for security reasons. It is important to note that there have been some reports in the past of false red card notifications even in cases where Iqama holders have a valid green card.

If you are uncertain about your status, it is best to double-check with the relevant authorities before taking any action.

Once you’ve entered the CAPTCHA code, you will be assigned a unique page URL address where you can proceed with the verification process. Before proceeding, it is essential to make sure that all information that appears on this page is correct and up-to-date as any discrepancies may cause delays or denial of requests for services or applications related to your residence permit (Iqama).

The next step in checking your Iqama red/green status online requires filling out some basic information like name, nationality, identification number, and e-mail address. Those who are living outside Saudi Arabia can still use this service by selecting their country of residence from the provided list.

Completion of this process will result in an electronic message sent directly to either your registered email address or mobile phone number depending on what option you chose – this message provides your updated Iqama red/green status along with its validity date.

Click the “View” Button

After you’ve entered your Iqama details and clicked the “Check” button, you can see the status of your Iqama in the form of a colored circle. To find out more about this color and what it means for your residency status, you must click on the “View” button. When you click on “View”, a pop-up window appears with further information about your Iqama status:

• If it has been approved, it will show a Green box with an approval number

• If there is an issue with it, Red will indicate the rejection

In addition to these two colors that tell whether your Iqama is valid or not, there are also additional details available in the pop-up window. These details include the type of permissions available for travel for Qatar residents with their expired or rejected Iqamas.

Furthermore, if you have applied for a replacement due to lost or stolen Iqama cards, the pop-up window also provides information about this process.


After examining the online process for checking Iqama’s red green status, it is evident that this process is simple and straightforward. It just requires some basic information from your Iqama and then you can check your color status in a few moments.

Furthermore, having access to this information can ensure that you are aware of your Iqama status and its validity. To conclude, checking your Iqama status online is an easy and convenient way to stay updated.

Summary of the Steps to Check Iqama Red Green Color Status

To conclude, if you’re looking to check your Iqama Red Green Color Status online you will need to follow the steps outlined here. First, visit the Ministry of Interior website and enter your Iqama number. Once your information is verified, you can then gain access to your online profile and check the status of your color status in the “My IDs” section.

The red/green color on your Iqama represents whether or not it has been issued on paper or electronically, with a green color indicating that it was issued electronically and red indicating that it was printed on paper. After verifying these details are correct, you can proceed with using services provided by the Ministry of Interior website.

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