Blue Box Chapter 122 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Blue Box Chapter 122 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Blue Box has been a success for Weekly Shonen Jump as a romantic comedy since it launched in April 2021.

It deftly blurs the boundaries between typical Shounen as well as Shoujo manga audiences, enticing viewers with a sincere story and likable characters.

Taiki Inomata, a member of the school’s boys’ badminton team, and Chinatsu Kano, a member of the girls’ basketball team, become closer.

In this manga, their athletic ambitions frequently rank on the same level of personal significance as their blossoming romantic relationship.

The admirers are thrilled for the upcoming release of Blue Box Chapter 119. Chinatsu will present Taiki with the homemade chocolates the woman and Ayame made for him in this special Valentine’s Day chapter.

Ayame is reticent, however, to share her delicacies with Kyo. I am confident that she will find a means to provide for him.

While I’m ecstatic for Taiki’s success, I can’t help but feel sorry for Kyo, who also worked hard and deserved to finish second.

Kyo is maturing into an adult. Despite his eventual loss, he enjoyed competing with every opponent.

As the story progresses, the reader is introduced the complexities about relationships, the love of athletics, and the difficulties of adolescence.

Blue Box Chapter 123 is the 123rd chapter of a well-known manga series with captivating plots that keep readers on the the edge of their seats.

People who enjoy this thrilling series can’t wait for Chapter 123 to be published because they can’t get enough with the intense battles and the way the characters develop.

The high stakes of this relationship sports series make it incredibly intriguing to observe whether Taiki’s feelings for Chinatsu are reciprocated.

He pursues the nationals alongside them to prove his worthiness. If you’re one of these aficionados, prepare for the latest news as well as spoilers that will leave you wanting more.

Blue Box Chapter 122 Release Date

Blue Box, one of the most famous Japanese manga titles that began as a one-shot and was relaunched as an ongoing manga series on April 12, 2021.

The manga are going to get new chapter, Chapter 123, on October 30, 2023, at 8:00 PM IST, as a result of the audience’s overwhelming admiration and affection. October 29: Other Nations

Blue Box Chapter 122 Trailer

Blue Box Chapter 122 Plot

As Valentine’s Day chocolates are distributed to everyone, duplicate cartons begin to appear.

He stated, for instance, that he would compete against Haryu in springtime national qualifying round. Chapter 121 of Blue Box contains numerous ongoing plotlines.

It makes sense that Ayame’s and Chinatsu’s chocolate boxes appear identical because they were packaged together, however for a moment, Taiki believes that Ayame gave it to Matsuoka.

She immediately makes amends at the conclusion of the chapter by reminding him that he is her beau, which is wonderful.

When Ayame offers Matsuoka chocolate, that she is being polite towards him since he turned lower chocolate long ago since he was concerned about his friend.

Since then, she has not received any chocolate, and she feels awful for him. When Kyo observes this, he assumes he is simply giving everyone chocolate. Oh no, Matsuoka is currently experiencing difficulty.

Since Hina is going to wind up marrying Kyo, he will likely be unable to control his affections for Ayame.

Taiki, on the contrary hand, continues to advocate for himself and gain prominence as a youthful player.

As the schedule is liable to change in the event of an unanticipated hiatus, such as if the author of the series, Kouji Miura, must be abroad for a week, we will maintain this page as up-to-date as feasible.

This chapter begins with a reminiscence to the time before Taiki’s victory in the tournament. All the spectators were making their way with the court at which Taiki and Mochizuki were scheduled to play.

Ayame pointed out, however, that Kyo’s match was just about to begin, so everyone should also cheer for Kyo. Ultimately, they chose to observe Kyo play regardless.

The story then shifts to the medal ceremony, where Taiki is awarded the top reward for winning the competition.

After observing him win the competition, people starting to speculate that he would also excel at the national level.

In the next scene, he calls her sibling to inform him of his match. When apologizing for losing the competition, one of Kyo’s siblings jeered him.

Therefore, Ayame proclaimed from the shadows which her sibling was fantastic and gave his all in every match.

Chapter 119 contains no spoilers, as the unedited chapter of Blue Box routinely escapes three days before the release date. However, we can still discuss what will occur during the 119th Blue Box Chapter.

Chinatsu and Taiki can go on a Valentine’s Day date in the next chapter, or they may opt to celebrate the holiday alone.

I can’t wait to see Ayame work up the courage to give Kyo confectionary for Valentine’s Day and to hear Kyo’s response to the thoughtful gift.

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