Blown Away Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

As a reality competition series, ‘Blown Away’ cranks up the intensity by pitting 10 of the world’s most talented glassblowers against one another in an effort to bring more attention to their art form. The reason is, that it presents remarkable glass art challenges at every step and motivates participants with a prize package worth roughly $60,000 and bragging rights for life.

This Marblemedia production first debuted on Canada’s Makeful channel before joining Netflix’s roster and is now a mainstay of the service. Since its third movie, which is also indisputably riveting, has just hit theaters, let’s see whether there are any major developments surrounding the possibility of a fourth film.

Blown Away Season 4 Renewal Status

In 2022, on July 22nd, the whole third season of the reality show debuted on the website with the most users, Netflix. The new season has only been here for a short while. As a result, it is undoubtedly premature to speculate regarding the show’s future at this time. The streaming service will take its time deciding the show’s fate. People who have seen Blown Away realize it’s really unique.

The unconventional premise has paid off for the program, which has had strong ratings over the previous several episodes. So, if the third installment follows suit, Season 4 of Blown Away might be on the horizon. However, at this time, this is just conjecture on our part, and nothing has been proven. The public will have to patiently wait for Netflix’s official word before proceeding.

Blown Away Season 4 Release Date

In 2018, the creators had the first concept for the program, and since then, they’ve put in a lot of time and effort into making it a reality. The first episode of the first season was released in 2019, thus production on it started in 2018. There were a total of ten episodes in the first season, and the show’s 7.1 rating on IMDB ensured that it would be renewed for a second run.

After the success of the first season, which consisted of 10 episodes, the producers gave us a Christmas special consisting of 4 episodes in December 2021, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of the show’s third season. On July 22, 2022, the third season’s ten episodes will be made available on the Netflix site. There has been no official word about a fourth season, but if the trend continues, we may anticipate it to premiere around 2024.

Blown Away Season 4 Cast

‘Blown Away’ is a competitive reality show, therefore each season has a new and varied cast of glassblowers vying for the title of “Best in Blow.” Season 3’s Rob Stern, Brenna Baker, Trenton Quiocho, John Sharvin, John Moran, Grace Whiteside, Claire Kelly, Dan Friday, Maddy Hughes, and Minhi England are unlikely to return for a potential fourth season.

However, the champion, John Moran, as well as the winners from the first season, Deborah Czeresko, and the second season, Elliot Walker, may participate as guest judges. However, we can almost certainly count on seeing Host Nick Uhas and Resident Evaluator/Professor Katherine Gray of Cal State San Bernardino.

Blown Away Season 4 Plot

There isn’t much of a plot in this program; instead, it focuses only on the rivalry between ten renowned glass artists. This season will have the same number of competitors as the last nine. In each episode, the contestants will be given a theme, a set of objectives, and a time limit within which to create a glass object before it is submitted to be judged by our judge, Kathrine Gray. The episode’s winner will be determined by Gray’s final evaluation of the submitted object. The winner of the season’s grand prize will be decided after the tenth episode via a series of elimination rounds.

Blown Away Season 4 Trailer

As of this writing, the following teaser is very pertinent to the next chapter of Blown Away. The trailer will be available on Netflix a month before the show’s launch.

Where to watch Blown Away Season 4?

The show’s fourth season, like the previous three, is slated to debut on the Netflix service. When compared to other international reality series, Blown Away stands out as something really special. It’s not hard to see why Blown Away is so successful; it fills a need that food reality shows, romance reality shows, and adventure reality programs have previously failed to address. I strongly advise you to check out the show.

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