When will the Netflix Original Series “Kingdom” Season 3 Premiere?

An exciting and amazing series is the one that attracts people to watch it while they want to spend their spare time. One such popular series that happens to be one of Netflix’s Original Series, “Kingdom” is the center of attraction. Majority of viewers who did watch this South Korean Television series became a fan. As the first episode did release back on 25v January 2019, it has grown an increasing fan following that supports.

Netflix has become one of the best platforms to watch Korean TV except for South Korea. But among all the television series, “Kingdom” did receive an increasingly positive response from people globally. The political period horror thriller web television series puts “The Walking Dead” series to shame. When we are talking about rabid pacing and scary plot then this series beats most horror series.

When will season 3 premiere on Netflix?

The thrilling series “Kingdom” will definitely bring excitement and entertainment to serve on your plate. The story has been interestingly written by Kim Eun-hee and beautifully directed by Kim Seong-hun. As both the previous seasons have remarkable progress, the showrunners have to think of the next season. It is sure that the series will be back with more entertaining content.

The season 2 finale gives glimpses of what will happen in season 3 that leaves the viewers in suspense and craving. As we know, Netflix did announce season 2 even before season 1 premiere. So you will not have to wait for a longer time to watch season 3 of “Kingdom”. But on 15 March, all the Netflix series did stop producing new episodes due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Earlier season 3 was announced to be dropped in early 2021 but COVID-19 will impact the premiere dates of the upcoming season.

Cast Members:

Most of your favorite characters will be back to entertain you which will not include those who bit the dust in season 2. It is believable that several known and some new character will be in the cast of season 3. It includes:

Ju Ji-Hoon as Crown Prince Lee Chang

Bae Doona AKA Seo-bi

Kim Sung-Kyu as Yeong-Shin Join

Ryu Seung-Yong will play Cho Hak-Ju

The South Korean star Jun Ji Hyun will also appear in the upcoming season that will serve the entertainment, thrill, and exciting story plot to all the fans and viewers.

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