Blood Coast Series Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

The highly anticipated release of Blood Coast on Netflix is drawing eager anticipation. The latest season of the French action drama Lupin has taken over the forefront of Netflix. Because of this, anticipation for the program is skyrocketing.

Two directors, Ivan Fegyveres and Olivier Marchal, work on the Kamel Guemra-created program. Fegyveres will helm two episodes, while Marchal is in charge of the remaining four. This sitcom credits Sidonie Dumas and Christophe Riandee as executive producers. The prestigious French studio Gaumont is responsible for making this program.

Blood Coast Release Date

The premiere of “Blood Coast” has been scheduled for December 6, 2023, so mark your calendars. The first episode of this new series will take you on a rollercoaster of tension and drama that is going to keep you fascinated until the very end. The six episodes of “Blood Coast” will change the way we watch television forever. Get ready for a watching experience that will have you begging for more with each new episode, thanks to its compelling story and outstanding acting. Don’t miss out on this incredible performance!

Blood Coast Cast

Alice Vidal is portrayed by Jeanne Goursaud. The audience will remember the actress as Thusnelda from the popular German original series Barbarians. She played the lead role of Lena Beck in Netflix’s hit original series Dear Child.

To portray Franck Murillo, Nicolas Duvauchelle is cast.The actor has already been in Gone for Good, another Netflix original series, and now he’ll be appearing in Blood Coast. On the other hand, he has played Areski in both of the previous Lost Bullet movies. He has also appeared in Black Hearts on Amazon Prime and Your Honor on Disney+.

Lyès Benamar is portrayed by Tewfik Jallab. Jallab, who also starred with Duvauchelle in the Amazon series Black Hearts, makes his Netflix series debut in Blood Coast. In the criminal drama film Paradise Beach, he made his debut in the role of Hicham.

Moussa Maaskri portrays Tarek Hamadi in this film. The fact that Gino Montesinos is also credited as portraying Tarek Hamadi suggests either that we will be witnessing flashbacks or that Gino will be playing the son of Tarek Hamadi. Commissaire Fabiani is portrayed by Florence Thomassin. The actress’ prior film credits include the French crime drama Les rivières pourpres (The Crimson Rivers). Ali Sadi is portrayed by Samir Boitard. Previously, he played Paul Méric in the Netflix show Black Spot.

Blood Coast Plot

In Blood Coast, a team of cops investigates a string of gruesome killings that may be related to the local drug trade. The first episode opens with the corpse of a young lady washing up on the beach. The murder of the lady is suspected immediately, and the police launch an investigation.

When the police look into it, they find a network of violence and corruption that all ties into the city’s drug trade. They also find out that a gang of vicious criminals is responsible for the killings, and that they are prepared to resort to whatever means necessary to safeguard their own interests.

The police force is dedicated to bringing those responsible for the city’s crime to justice, but they face daily risks while doing their jobs. The seedy underbelly of Marseille and its inhabitants is shown in the riveting crime drama Blood Coast.

Blood Coast Episodes

The whole season, which comprises seven episodes, will be made available at once, giving viewers the option to see the entire drama in a single sitting.

Where to watch Blood Coast

On December 6th, 2023, Blood Coast will hit Netflix for streaming.

Blood Coast Trailer

You can now see the Blood Coast trailer on YouTube.The trailer provides a taste of the drama and excitement to come in the series proper.


The French murder thriller Blood Coast will be directed by two seasoned filmmakers, so audiences have great hopes for the finished product. In December of 2023, it will finally be released. Fans are eager to see what new content Netflix will provide.

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