Everything Calls for Salvation Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The first episode of Everything Calls for Salvation, which aired on Netflix on October 14, 2022, was dubbed in Italian as Tutto chiede salvezza. The novel on which the comedy is based became an instant hit within its first week of streaming. That left many viewers wondering if there will be a season two of Everything Calls for Salvation.

Everything Calls for Salvation Season 2 Renewal Status

The series premiere of ‘Everything Calls for Salvation’ occurred on October 14, 2022. The show received four nods for the Ciak d’Oro Serie TV awards, taking home the trophy for Best Italian Series. A Nastri d’Argento Grandi Serie award was given to Andrea Pennacchi for his role in the series as Best Supporting Actor. Netflix announced the show’s renewal for a second season on social media in April 2023.

Everything Calls for Salvation Season 2 Release Date

On October 14, 2022, the first chapter of Everything Calls for Salvation was released. A precise release date is currently difficult to estimate. If the film is renewed for a second season, though, filming is expected to wrap up within a year to a year and a half. Time and resources are saved because less CGI and special effects are needed for the production. If the show is renewed by the end of the year, then it will likely return to television either in 2014 or 2025.

Everything Calls for Salvation Story

If you need a reminder, “Everything Calls for Salvation” follows SKAM Italia star Federico Cesari as Daniele Cenni. Twenty-year-old Daniele, who is coping with extreme sensitivity, has a mental breakdown and ends up in the psychiatric ward’s dormitory. He has five apparently unconnected roommates who all seem to be staying here. Daniele experiences temporary insanity as he struggles through the TSO regimen for seven days under the scrutiny of inquiring doctors and the care of seemingly unconcerned nurses.

What reads like a death sentence at first becomes one of the most life-altering events in Daniele’s journey. This series is captivating and thought-provoking because of how realistically it depicts the complexity of mental health and human connection.

Everything Calls for Salvation Cast

  • Federico Cesari as Daniele Cenni
  • Fotinì Peluso as Nina Marinelli
  • Andrea Pennacchi as Mario
  • Vincenzo Crea as Gianluca
  • Lorenzo Renzi as Giorgio
  • Ricky Memphis as Pino
  • Vincenzo Nemolato as Madonnina
  • Filippo Nigro as Doctor Mancino
  • Carolina Crescentini as Giorgia
  • Alessandro Averone as Ludovico
  • Marco Valerio Bartocci as Giuseppe
  • Niccolò Ferrero as Damiano
  • Darix Folco as Luigi
  • Gabriele Berti as Marcello
  • Giacomo Mattia as Giovanni

Everything Calls for Salvation Season 2 Plot

It’s only reasonable to make assumptions about how Season 2 will progress while we wait. By the end of the first season, Daniele had been diagnosed with serious depression and given a recommendation to see a psychologist. He confronted Nina, an influential ex-classmate from high school who was hospitalized in the women’s ward after attempting suicide. Their chat took an unexpected turn, however, when Nina shared the news that she was expecting.

In addition, during the first season, Daniele said his goodbyes to fellow inmate Mario, who unfortunately died after falling from a window. The occurrences raised many questions for the audience. In season two, can Daniele continue on her path to recovery? How will he react when he finds out Nina is pregnant? And what new experiences lie in store for him as he continues to fight for his mental health?

Everything Calls for Salvation Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been released as of yet. The first season trailer for Everything Calls for Salvation may be viewed at:

Where to watch Everything Calls for Salvation?

The series Everything Calls for Salvation is available on Netflix.

Everything Calls for Salvation Season 1 Review

Although the first half of this Italian Netflix series is slow to get going as you’re introduced to all the many characters, it’s still simple to watch. But keep at it, because the payoff came late in the game and was spectacular.

Danielle, our protagonist, is a rebellious young woman who gets high and blitzes through her weekends. He returns home, passes out on his bed, and the next thing he knows, he’s in a psychiatric ward (PTDW) with no memory of the events leading up to it. Our protagonist is having a hard time settling in, what with his family being upset with him and Dani having to stay there for seven days for therapy.

The visuals in Everything Calls for Salvation are great as well; the flashbacks and cool montages are all seamlessly integrated into the narrative of the show. In addition to knowing when to build up to a crescendo, the series also knows when to pull back on the music, using strategically placed moments of silence to great effect.

In the end, nevertheless, this is a touching and intelligent Italian drama. If you’re prepared to give this Netflix series some time, despite a slow start, it will end up being really moving. This is one of the year’s most pleasant discoveries and shouldn’t be missed.


Many viewers of “Everything Calls for Salvation” have been moved by Daniele Cenni’s story and are thrilled by the show’s renewal for a second season. Despite the lack of information, it seems likely that the second season will continue the first’s intriguing investigation of mental health and human connection. As we wait for Netflix to reveal more, one thing is certain: Daniele Cenni’s narrative hasn’t ended, and we are eager to see where his journey takes him next.

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