Black Mirror Season 6: Netflix Renew The Show?

Black Mirror Season 6: Netflix Renew The Show?

A sci-fi anthology series that has taken the world by storm, Black Mirror is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Released in 2011, each episode is drastically different in its plot and cast. But the central theme of the show always revolves around technology and social media. Creator Charlie Brooker revealed that the name of the show itself comes from the prevalence of black screens everywhere.

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6

When Is Season 6 Of Black Mirror Getting Released On Netflix?

Though there is no official news yet, you can safely expect Netflix to renew the show. The series has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. So, unless the Netflix heads decide on self-sabotage, Black Mirror will return. 

The show has always had a break of about a year between its seasons so that we can expect the same time frame for season 6. With season 5 being released on June 2019, there will probably be a mid-2020 opening for season 6.

Black Mirror Season 6 Plot

There hasn’t been any news related to the new material for season 6. But according to creator Charlie Brooker, the possibilities are endless. There could a continuation of stories from previous seasons, a spin-off or a unique plot that Black Mirror is already known for. It looks like we can anticipate some new changes in the structure of the show for sure.

Cast Of Season 6 Of Black Mirror

Previous seasons of Black Mirror have seen a wide array of actors. From established actors such as Jon Hamm and Andrew Scott to emerging talents like Alex Lawther and even pop stars such as Miley Cyrus, all have graced the Black Mirror cast line up. The new season of Black Mirror might see more big names pop up as the show is currently at its peak popularity. 

How Many Episodes Will There Be In Season 6 Of Black Mirror?

Black Mirror doesn’t have a set format for the number of episodes each season. In the earlier seasons, there were only three hour-long episodes. However, since arriving on Netflix, the episode count has increased to six per season except for Bandersnatch. Till there is some news from the Black Mirror headquarters, your guess is as good as ours.

Season 6 of Black Mirror is still very much in the shadows till now. As there is approximately a year left for the new season, production is probably in its early stages. Till then, we will keep you informed with each new update. Watch out for this space!

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