How To Check Iqama Profession Easy Methods

The Iqama or the Residence Permit is an immigration document issued to a non-resident of Saudi Arabia. This immigration document should be secured and updated through the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia.

The Iqama is required for many purposes such as entering, exiting, renewing or registering vehicles, paying fees, and using banks and other services in Saudi Arabia. It is important to make sure that the profession listed on your Iqama is accurate so that you can continue to receive all of the benefits associated with holding a valid residence permit in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we will discuss how to check your profession listed on your Iqama online and what steps you need to take if you find an incorrect profession listed on your document.

What is Iqama Profession?

Iqama Profession is a document issued by the authorities in Saudi Arabia, which states the profession of a foreign national residing in the Kingdom. It is important to know your Iqama Profession since it can determine if you are allowed to work, own a business, rent housing or drive in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, your employer must use this information when they submit paperwork related to visa applications and other government documents. Knowing your Iqama Profession will help avoid time-consuming and expensive mistakes down the line.

It is relatively easy to find out what your Iqama Profession is, however, there are two main methods for checking: in person and online.

In Person Method:
If you prefer to check in person, you can simply go to one of the ex-pat service centers run by the Ministry of Interior (MOI). Most major cities and all provincial headquarters have such offices. Once at the office, fill out an application form for viewing your Iqama Profession as well as any other information related to it such as age or nationality. Then pay any applicable fee at one of the service counters before presenting all documentation plus payment receipt to an officer charged with handling inquiries related to information that has been requested from MOI’s databases. The officer can then provide an official printout showing the exact details relating to your Iqama Profession along with other particulars recorded within their database system.

Online Method:
Alternatively, there is an online method available via Mobily’s portal (www.mobilyconnectors). Visitors must first register online which requires providing personal data such as name and date of birth along with email address or phone number used when registering; once registered on Mobily’s portal visitors receive an email or text message containing login credentials allowing them access into this protected area of the website where they can then query Ministry’s database for certain types of records including their Iqama Profession details.

How to Check Iqama Profession

Knowing your Iqama profession is essential because it determines the type of work you can do in Saudi Arabia. It’s important to make sure your Iqama profession is accurate and up-to-date.

There are several easy ways to check your Iqama profession, such as online methods, contacting your employer, and visiting the local municipality office. In this article, we will discuss the three different methods you can use to check your Iqama profession.

Check Through the Ministry of Interior Website

The easiest and most accurate way to check the Iqama profession is through the Ministry of Interior website, also known as MOI. To do this, you will need to create an account on the MOI website by providing your valid Saudi Arabian ID. Once you have created an account, follow these steps to check your Iqama profession:

1. log in to your MOI account.
2. Navigate to “Civil Status” in the main menu.
3. Click on the “Query” tab next to it.
4. Enter relevant information like your Saudi ID number or Iqama ID number in the box and click “search”.
5. Your Iqama details will be displayed and you can look for the profession under it.
6. Click on the download icon if you want to get a PDF copy.

If you want to check someone else’s Iqama Profession then enter their Saudi ID or Iqama Number in place of yours during step 4 and provide additional details if prompted.

Please note that there may be restrictions as MOI only permits resident-specific searches on its website and may require authentication for other searches, depending on the circumstances and nationality of the person being checked.

Check Through Absher

Using the Absher website, you can easily check your Iqama profession. This service is available in both Arabic and English, making it convenient for everyone to use. All you need is your 12-digit Iqama number.

Once you log into the portal, go to ‘Nitaqat Status.’ Once there all you need to do is enter your Iqama number and this will automatically load a page containing your professional information. You will be able to find a full overview of your status.

If you are finding it difficult to understand the information depicted on absher then don’t worry, there are ways around this problem. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to Kafeel’s Name under Nitaqat Status it will open a new page containing more specific details about where you work and who is listed as your employer on the Ministry of Labor website.

Finally, Make sure that all of these details are correct and up-to-date before traveling outside of Saudi Arabia so that there are no difficulties with immigration authorities at ports or airports abroad.

Check Through Muqeem

Muqeem is an online portal maintained by the Ministry of Interior that allows you to check your Iqama profession. With this online service, you can find out what profession is registered against your Iqama number in a few simple steps.

It is an important step for those who want to apply for visas, process transactions with different government agencies, and more. To use Muqeem to check your Iqama profession:

1. Visit the Muqeem website and log in with your ID information if applicable.
2. Select “Iqama Inquiry” from the main menu.
3. Enter the relevant information such as passport number and Iqama number.
4. Click “Check”.
5. A new page will appear with basic information about you such as name, nationality, and profession.
6. Scroll down the page to find more details about the profession linked to your Iqama.


In conclusion, checking an Iqama profession is convenient and easy with the methods outlined in this article. It is important to verify the local steps and follow them accurately when applying for a visa or residency permit in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, it is essential to be aware of the regulations related to changing professions as well as the consequences of misrepresenting your job title or financial situation when obtaining a visa or residency permit in Saudi Arabia.

Knowing how to check an Iqama Profession will help make these processes faster and easier, allowing you to get on with your life quickly and easily.

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