Fire Force (Enen no shouboutai) season 1 episode 8 release date

Fire Force (Enen no shouboutai) season 1 episode 8 release date

Fire force season 1 is the most awaited Japanese series. Episode 8 of this written series gets serialized on 30 August 2019. Here is the end of wait and lets count to the start of the written series produced by David Productions.

Fire Force (Enen no shouboutai)
Fire Force (Enen no shouboutai)

Introducing with the dramatic element Fire force season, 1 opens up with the threats of the infernal the fire monsters show and how they can combust.

Fire force season 1 has a plot that starts with the phenomenon by which humans turn into living hell that is dangerous fire. The cause of this human combustion in which humans turn into infernal, a fire monster is unknown.

As the generations become, these flames were living their monstrous lives till that time. In this episode 8 of Fire force season 1, one of the flames combusts and joins specialized fire force company eight that contains other flashes as well. Here, the series unfolds to the several secrets that these flames carry.

Shinra Kusakabe is the second class fire soldier tries to find out the mystery behind the death of his family. He is a young fire soldier and has got new powers. He has a more focused mind and blistering speed and calling his unique ability to control his flames efficiently.

Shinra Kusakabe has the ability of ignition, and even he can even use his flames from his feet. Being the third generation, he can resist the visible flames. He recalls the missing of his mother, and he couldn’t find the reason behind it. He overcomes past problems and kills the infernal.

Shinra Kusakabe uses his powers. He got being the third generation. He tries to solve the reason behind his family’s death that happened due to an unknown cause that happened before twelve years.


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