Black Clover: the final episode reveals the truth about the tragic end of Asta’s mother

There are numerous mysteries surrounding Asta’s past, but with the ending of the animated series the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together. Episode 170 of Black Clover, in fact, it focuses on the protagonist’s family, an orphan for as long as he can remember.

The final episode of Black Clover, through a flashback relived by the demon Liebe, reveals to the audience what really happened to Asta’s mother. Kept away from society due to her magic-stealing power, Richita awakened her maternal instincts following her encounter with Liebe, who was kicked out of her world when she was still a child. The two lived peacefully for a long time, but Lucifer realized that the boy was actually a demon, the evil being decided to take him with him to make him become his ship.

However, Richita opposed the demon and he sacrificed himself to protect Liebe. Shortly before dying, in order to protect him from Lucifer, the woman sealed Liebe in a five-leaf grimoire, the same book that is now in the possession of Asta. Recognizing him as the lost son of his stepmother, Liebe could finally grant his powers to Asta, who would thus be able to challenge the Dark Triad.

What do you think of the sacrifice of Asta’s mother? Let’s find out what led to the early termination of the Black Clover anime.

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