Black Clover: the conclusion of the anime leaves open the possibility of a return

The anime series of Black Clover ended with sequences that moved the community, ready to go wild on social media praising the work of the Pierrot studio which for more than three years and 170 episodes has transposed part of the story of the young Asta, and despite the ending is profoundly significant, it has left several possibilities.

The narrative arc dedicated to the Kingdom of Swords is in fact very far from being defined as concluded, those of you who follow the manga will surely have noticed it, and with an elegant production choice the authors have decided to anticipate what could happen in the future, trying not to conclude with a completely original ending. Asta, Noelle and everyone else will spend a lot of time training, and the same goes for Yuno.

Unfortunately, a return date has not been confirmed, or a project currently in progress to resume the adaptation of Yuki Tabata’s work, apart from a film scheduled for 2022 that it could be completely original and contain unpublished material. It is therefore natural to think that the manga must go ahead sufficiently to then resume the production of the anime in a precise and sensible manner, which for now has stopped at transposition of chapters 267-269.

Recall that in the last episode the mother of Asta was introduced, and we leave you at the point from which to resume reading the manga after the conclusion of the anime.

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