Black Clover announces that its chapter 284 postpones its premiere date

The Magic Knights, who trained with elves, arrive to help the Magi Defense Forces fight the demons. The new chapter is likely to show Noelle in action. However, fans will have to wait a bit longer as the Chapter 284 from Black Clover It will not be released this Sunday.

The manga remains in arweek-long and will return with a new chapter on 7 of March. Twitter user “WSJ_manga” tweeted a possible reason for the episode’s delay, along with some spoilers shared by his followers.

“Black Clover is on hiatus this week in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue # 13 due to production reasons, and not because of the mangaka’s health concerns. The series is scheduled to resume in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue # 14 next week, ”tweeted“ WSJ_manga ”.

Black Clover fans can be reassured by the sudden hiatus of the manga. El mangaka Yuki Tabata It does not appear to have health problems and a delay is only being considered to resolve minor production problems.

Spoilers for Black Clover: Chapter 284

In the previous chapter, after defeating the Ancient Demon, To stay announces that they must head to the Spade Kingdom. However, Gimodelo quenches his excitement and tells him that he can’t attempt ultra-long-distance teleportation without Nacht.

Asta wonders what they should do next and suddenly his form falls apart. love He tells Asta to use Demon-Slayer to fly, but it’s too late. A portal opens and they are sucked into it. Meanwhile, in Spade Kingdom, demons are arriving as citizens run for their lives.

Yuno, Asta, Liebe, Noelle, Natch y Yami –Black Clover

The Magi Defense Force try to protect them from the attacks of the demons. Sally uses her spell to trap the citizens and Makusa uses the Snow Man Safehouse spell to hide the citizens from the demons.

Meanwhile, Valtos executes Space Magic to evacuate the people from Spade Kingdom. However, the situation worsens when the warriors notice that the demons are tough and there are too many.

Fuegoleon Vermillion He emerges after breaking through the castle wall and his Salamandar attacks the demons. Fuegoleon announces that their countries may be different, but their desire to protect the people is the same. The demons find Fuegoleon and go after him. However, he is capable of easily defeating them.

Elsewhere, the demons locate Makusa, who is helping the townspeople. Before the devil can do any harm, a huge explosion rips the devil apart. Fuegoleon is delighted to see the Magic Knights arrive to aid them in battle.

About the end of the anime shonen Black Clover

The Black Clover anime has gained a massive following in recent years. The studio recently announced that the program will end on March 30, 2021. It was a huge shock to the fans, as the manga’s history still continues.

Many fans hope that the show will return to air soon, when the manga has advanced enough in its story. In the meantime, you can follow the new chapters of Black Clover at The Truth News.

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