Black Clover: a rumor anticipates the return of the anime in the summer

Among the most popular works of the current generation of Weekly Shonen Jump, Black Clover it certainly holds a prominent place. Actually, in fact, Yuki Tabata's manga is one of the longest-running series in the magazine and seems to have still a lot to tell. And as the story proceeds quickly, the question arises: when will the anime return?

Last April, the anime of Black Clover went on hiatus because of Covid-19, but since then Pierrot study no longer reported any information on the television adaptation. Despite the same fate also affects Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, always taken care of by the study cited above, the case of the transposition of the Tabata sensei manga is a slightly more complicated matter. If the Boruto anime received a rosy adaptation, Black Clover, on the other hand, had to face a grueling production several times to arrive on schedule, also thanks to the weak help provided by Pierrot to the director.

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However, the director has already resumed working at a brisk pace with his staff and the dubbing sessions seem to be resumed in the same way. In addition, the insider Spy confirmed that the anime is scheduled to return in the summer. It did not exactly provide a precise launch window, but in light of what has been said before we can only expect the debut of the new episode in July. We just have to wait for the next few days to receive all the confirmations and denials of the case. Finally, we remind you that the Black Clover manga of the same name will be paused for a week.

And you, however, when do you think the TV series will return? The space dedicated to comments is at your complete disposal.


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