Black Adam: Adriana Plays Counterpart against The Rock

Black Adam comes with the Dwayne Johnson. For female significant character, it might be possible to take Adriana Tomaz. If she will cast for it then she will become the counterpart of the Black Adam versus Dwayne Johnson. She is known as the Egyptian Goddess of Nature and her likely to redefine in Black Adam.

Black Adam
Black Adam

In Black Adam’s movie, The Rock Aka Dwayne Johnson will play the role of Black Adam itself. Also, he will play a double role as the Teth Adam. The movie was adopted from the DC Comic novel and DC is positive to make the counterpart as it is written in Novel. They want to use the same character, same skill set, same power in Black Adam, like before they used in Shazam.

Black Adam takes part in ancient Egyptian history, where the character of Black Adam is much darker. The Rock started to prep for this role; he is so hyped to redefine himself as the character of Black Adam. He will also contain DCEU’s power of making hierarchy.

Black Adam is an origin film of DC. That’s why you will see many familiar characters of the DC family in the movie.  In Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson will introduce as The Justice Society Of America. His background is rich. Warner Bros are helping The Rock to get this role. His inclusion in team Black Adam makes a huge impact after release. Now, he is ready to complete the challenge of DCEU.

As per source there are some casting breakdown was held, and at that time script also leaked a bit. In this mess, JSA members are appeared, which are Atom Smasher, Stargirl, Cyclone, Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and Sorcerer. So, Adriana Tomaz is confirmed to debut this year with Black Adam. While writing this film Adriana’s part will significant to play Isis as Antagonist of Adam.

There is some scene revelation happened, as per the script, Adriana will feature with his Son Aziz in a movie. In those scenes of the script, Adam also plays like long slumber and he is awaking to promote his archaic look. His fight will be opposite to Aziz, he wants destruction and Death of Aziz. This playoff reminds of Adams’ history as an Egyptian dictator. In Movie, Adam is suffering from amnesia diseases. In Black Adam, Adriana looks like the reminiscent counterpart of the comic book. The release date of Black Adam will be declared when production starts.

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