Love Wedding Repeat: A Next Netflix’s’ Rom-Com

The new romantic comedy of Netflix will be streaming this April. Love Wedding Repeat is a romantic comedy movie with unexpected twists. Love Wedding Repeat is based on the French Film Plan De Table. Netflix acquired this film at the Cannes Film Festival Last year. This movie is written and directed by Dean Craig. The lead cast of Love wedding repeat is Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn. The movie will stream on Netflix on April 10.

Love Wedding Repeat
Love Wedding Repeat

The trailer of Love Wedding Repeat was released on Netflix and over to say from the trailer, that movie follows the man who wants to make sure that his sister’s marriage is going well without any hiccups. If we breakdown the trailer and see beyond the movie title that it looks different than any other typical romantic comedy.

As per movie logline, It is an innovative and Exploration genre that movie stands, the cast has the power of change to make a good ride of Love Wedding Repeat. The movie roams around Jack played by Claflin. He wished that his sister’s wedding or day goes well without and hustle. And then what happened it fill the laughter till the end.

At some point, while the wedding goes well with her sister, Then suddenly Jacks’ girlfriend comes to the wedding. As soon as he saw his girlfriend at the wedding he got angry with her. He thought that his girlfriend is uninvited and she comes with the secret of him. This unexpected reunion with his ex-girlfriend Dina brings laughter at the wedding. Jack is not over from the Dina, he still has feelings for Dina. The film is progress like this and touches the feet of a happy ending at the end. In the same wedding, Jack plays a chaotic role.

In the past, Netflix gives many Romantic Comedy Films. To all the boys I loved before and always be my maybe, these movies are the feet rich movie of the Netflix in Romantic Comedy Genre. These are the biggest hits of Netflix in recent years. Love Wedding Repeat title looks like the Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat. Happy death day series also looks like the same recognized story. Here in this type of movie, repeat is metaphor this means, events are happening till the right lesson comes in.

The movie is produced by Guglielmo Marchetti and Piers Tempest. And another cast will be Tim Key, Allan Mustafa, Eleanor Tomlinson, Freida Pinto, and Jack Farthing.

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