HBO Max confirms arrival date to Argentina and Latin America

After a long time of waiting, the streaming platform will finally arrive in our country.
The brand new HBO Max is currently positioned as one of the most competitive streaming platforms in the industry.

It is a truly tempting catalog that includes great productions from Warner Bros., DC, and much more.

For some time now, different countries in the world have been enjoying his films and series, but it was not until this very Thursday that they confirmed when he would arrive in Latin America: it will be next June.

“They have asked me, and I already have an answer. #HBOMax, June 2021. The exact date, I’ll tell you another day, “wrote the official account for our HBO territory on Twitter, announcing that in just a couple of months, we will be able to contract their service. Sure, the exact day remains to be confirmed, but they promise to do so soon.

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HBO Max will arrive next June in Argentina and all of Latin America with great productions such as the imminent cut of Zack Snyder from the movie Justice League and all the content regarding series and DC movies.

It will also feature classics like Friends, which recently said goodbye to Netflix, and big-name series like Succession and much more.

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