Banners, t-shirts, jerseys, mugs, and various merchandise with the Gadsden theme have been popular for a long time. However, flags of this unique, spectacular, and historical theme have been most sought-after among all these products.

In recent times, the Gadsden flag has come to symbolize defiance and rebellion in the face of government oppression and other forms of societal discrimination. For this reason, every other average American owns at least a single such flag to show solidarity with marginalized groups and communities.

Consequently, several online retailers have begun creating distinct variations of this famous flag’s original design so that it effortlessly matches the ideology and purpose of the groups that wield it. Many of them mass-produced the flag for political rallies and other critical events.

Here are some popular varieties of this flag that you can consider buying from a reputable dealer.


  • Vintage American Patriotic Flag

This particular type of design features the original structure overlapping the national flag of the USA. Also, it incorporates the slogan “DON’T TREAD ON ME” like in the prototypical flag, but with an apostrophe to it. The flag is made of waterproof synthetic polyester, which gives it incredible durability and makes it suitable to be used all around the year. Many dealers use fade-resistant ink and double stitching that elevates the quality of the flag, enabling you to hoist it outdoors in all weather conditions.


  • Rebel US Flag

Costing a mere $30, this spectacular take on the original Gadsden design has become increasingly popular among many American patriots. It incorporates the famous coiled rattlesnake with the trademark slogan over the fifty-star American flag merged with the Confederate Battle flag.

Typically made of nylon, the flag is best for outdoor and indoor use, with designs printed on both sides of the fabric. There are double stitches all around the fabric, giving it a sturdy quality and ensuring it stays comfortably on the flagpole. Several people invest in this design for commercial purposes and not just resident use.


  • Liberty or Death Gold Tactical Flag

Perhaps closest to the original design, this model features an extra “liberty or death” slogan on the top of the flag, right above the rattlesnake’s head. The gold background color makes the flag instantly stand out anywhere it is hoisted, ensuring it gets the maximum amount of attention from passersby. Also, it costs significantly less when compared to certain other variations, with a single flag priced at approximately $25 and sometimes even lesser. This makes it a lot easier for most people to order this variety in bulk and save a lot of money.


  • Second Amendment Flag

Although this variant of the famed Gadsden flag does not feature the hallmark coiled rattlesnake on the flag, it has two revolvers crisscrossed beneath the slogan “DON’T TREAD ON ME.” The element adds a charming old-west touch to the design, making it a perfect item for any patriot to own. Most of these models are sold in the standard 3×5 feet size, but you can have them custom-made to any size of your choice. It is widely used in protest marches, critical demonstrations, parades, and massive gatherings.

Where you can buy these flags

The best and perhaps the most reliable place to buy variations of this famous flag is from trustworthy online dealers. They have a vast range of unique collections you can browse through, offering to create distinct designs based on your preferences. You can buy large flags, rectangular-shaped ones, small table flags, and several other varieties.

Moreover, you can have the flags customized to suit your taste by placing the request with the dealer and coordinating with their team on the same. Many people prefer a black background rather than the traditional yellow one, along with one or more different slogans on the flag. Some minority sections choose to change the background color to a multicolor rainbow theme.

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