Berserk 364: the manga still paused, the new chapter will not be released even in April

There is no luck for the readers of Berserk. In fact, Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece proceeds slowly due to a fragmentary serialization, especially thanks to the author’s health. However, the manga will still delay its release in the pages of Young Animals at least for most of the month of April.

The last appearance of Berserk is dated in January, when chapter 363 was released which finally revealed some background on the past of the Knight of the Skull. Unfortunately, the wait for chapter 364 is going to last since the magazine’s sneak peeks Young Animals do not contain any mention of Berserk, consequently postponing the appointment with the manga to the next few months.

The magazine is in fact bimonthly, that is, a new issue comes out every two months, so the series will skip the entire month of April and part of May. Only on April 23, in fact, will we know whether or not serialization will resume in May, a pause that otherwise could further extend the waiting time. Once again, therefore, we just have to wait for the next few weeks to know what future will be up to the masterpiece of Kentaro Miura.

Before saying goodbye, how about taking a look at all those times Berserk has appeared in other anime, manga and even video games? In your opinion, however, when will we review the chapter 364 of Berserk? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, with a comment below.

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