Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

Prevents water retention:

During your pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin which can cause inflammation to the muscles and ligaments in your pelvis. This sometimes leads to water retention making you feel uncomfortable. However, walking regularly can help prevent swelling of feet and legs caused by fluid accumulation.

Swelling is common during pregnancy as the body starts taking more blood supply towards the uterus for the development of the placenta and growing fetus. Walking regularly helps the kidneys eliminate excess fluid from the body through urine, thus preventing any discomfort or pain due to edema.

It also provides additional pressure to the joints avoiding sprains, strains, or dislocations that might occur due to an imbalance in your center of gravity. Thus walking not just provides relief from pain but also prevents any injuries.

Helps in weight loss during pregnancy:

Walking is a great way of losing excess weight gained during your pregnancy. The number of calories you burn depends on factors such as age, height, weight, and intensity of the walk.

For an average height woman who weighs about 150 pounds, walking for half an hour at a speed of 2 mph will help her lose around 450 to 600 calories. It not only helps in burning additional calories but also improves flexibility by warming up joints preventing them from going rigid due to excess lying or sitting time.

Prevents back pain:

Back pain is common among pregnant women especially after their seventh month because the uterus starts growing which puts pressure on the spine. It can cause pain in the lower or upper back depending on the location of the uterus i.e if it is low, it may result in pain in the lower back whereas if it is high up, it might become difficult to keep your balance resulting in in pain in the upper back.

However, walking regularly will help reduce pressure on your spine by distributing weight evenly throughout your body instead of putting all pressure on one leg after another thus providing relief from backache.

Reduces stress:

Walking helps you clear your mind and reduces any feelings of negativity or depression which are caused basically due to hormonal changes during pregnancy leading to increased production of cortisol, a stress hormone that causes anxiety. A short walk can also help relax tense muscles making you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Improves sleep quality:

Sleeping is a major issue during pregnancy as it is difficult to find a way of getting comfortable for your bulging tummy, swollen feet, and backache that keep you from having sound sleep. However, walking can help in reducing the number of times you need to get up during the night thus helping you improve the quality of sleep which in turn reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

It also increases blood circulation in your body resulting in better oxygen supply to vital organs which helps them function well and remain active throughout the day preventing any feelings of tiredness or lethargy. Regular walking even in the early phases of pregnancy helps prevent insomnia in late trimesters when sleeping becomes increasingly difficult due to the growing belly.

Prevents constipation:

Walking is a very effective way of preventing constipation as it stimulates bowel movements and also helps you feel good as you get out of the house for some fresh air. In addition, drinking adequate water will help prevent constipation as well as hemorrhoids by flushing out toxins from your body. Walking also reduces bloating which is another cause of discomfort during pregnancy making you feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your day.

Keeps heart healthy:

Heartburn, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are common problems among pregnant women that may pose a threat to both mother and baby’s health if not controlled properly using all possible means including which can increase the flow of blood towards the uterus which is already under pressure due to increased pregnancy weight thus making your heart work harder than usual.

However walking regularly can help reduce high blood pressure by controlling the amount of water retained in your body, thus preventing additional stress on your heart.

Prevents hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins found near the anal canal that might cause discomfort or pain especially while walking or passing stool during the late stages of pregnancy when the growing uterus exerts pressure on veins causing them to swell up.

Walking regularly will help resolve this issue as it helps stimulate circulation throughout your body resulting in better blood flow which flushes out toxins and wastes material through the bloodstream hence reducing the chances of getting hemorrhoids

Increases energy levels:

Walking is a very effective way of increasing your energy levels by exercising regularly which in turn helps you handle your daily routine more effectively. It also helps control morning sickness and fatigue that can make it difficult for you to get out of bed and cope up with the day’s schedule.

 Prevents excessive weight gain:

During pregnancy, your body goes through increased metabolic activities resulting in increased calorie consumption that adds up to the weight gradually thus making it harder for you to burn additional calories throughout the day leading to excessive weight gain which can be harmful especially if you are already overweight.

Walking throughout the day will help keep such issues under check as it boosts metabolic activities while also helping build stamina required for regular exercise after pregnancy leading to healthy weight loss.

Apart from walking, swimming is also very effective in improving the quality of sleep as it helps you relax your muscles and joints all over your body making you feel more refreshed and energized throughout the day. However, check with your doctor before engaging in any kind of physical activity to prevent complications resulting from short-term or long-term injuries.

It is advisable that pregnant women walk at least 30 minutes every day to improve the quality of sleep throughout their pregnancy cycle thus helping keep them active and healthy during this time when they need it most. However, one should avoid walking on excessively cold surfaces as it can lead to injuries.

Benefits of walking during pregnancy 3rd trimester:

 Prevents excessive weight gain:

While walking during pregnancy is considered safe, the benefits of regular walking should not be overlooked as it has several advantages including helping you control high blood pressure, heartburn, preventing hemorrhoids, and excessive weight gain which can lead to serious complications if left untreated throughout the course of your pregnancy cycle.

Stimulates good health:

Walking regularly stimulates all organs in your body making them function more effectively resulting in improved metabolism which helps you digest food quickly leading to easy bowel movements that relieve constipation by flushing out toxins through the bloodstream without causing any damage or harm to vital organs including the heart and kidneys.

Lessens strain on muscles:

Walking helps prevent leg cramps by stimulating blood circulation throughout your body resulting in reduced strain on muscles and joints which often causes cramps due to excessive pressure or tension exerted by the growing uterus during pregnancy.

Helps maintain good health:

Walking is a very effective way of maintaining good health especially after you have successfully delivered your baby as it helps in establishing new lifestyle habits that help you stay active and improve the quality of sleep while also improving sleeping positions making it easier for you to fall asleep quickly. Most importantly, walking reduces the risk of Cardio Vascular diseases significantly when done according to your doctor’s instructions.

Decreases anxiety:

Pregnant women often feel anxious when they find themselves unable to control their emotions leading to feeling extremely restless and irritable which affects the quality of their sleep. Walking helps generate endorphins, a hormone that helps fight depression and anxiety resulting in better emotional health thus helping you feel relaxed throughout the day thus improving your sleeping pattern.

Prevents insomnia:

Insomnia or sleeplessness is one of the most common problems experienced by pregnant women due to hormonal changes causing them to experience frequent mood swings leading to difficulties falling asleep at night.

Walking at least 30 minutes every day stimulates cortisol production which helps improve mental alertness reducing fatigue and stress that often leads to difficulty falling asleep at night making it easier for you to fall into a deep sleep quickly.

As mentioned earlier, walking also increases body heat through increased blood circulation resulting in improved digestion and metabolic activities thus relaxing your muscles making it easier for you to fall asleep quickly.

Benefits of walking during pregnancy:

Helps establish new lifestyle habits that lead to healthy pregnancies and increase the chances of having easy pregnancies when compared to those who don’t exercise throughout their pregnancy cycle.

Balances hormones levels thus alleviating symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances including mood swings, anxiety, depression, stress, muscle tension etc.

Prevents constipation by flushing out toxins through the bloodstream without putting any additional pressure on your bowels or uterus while also improving digestion thus preventing abdominal cramps especially in the third trimester resulting in reduced discomfort after delivery due to less strain placed on pelvic muscles which are still recovering from childbirth.

Prevents gestational diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity resulting in reduced need for insulin injections thus helping you have healthier pregnancies.

Washing your body after walking stimulates good circulation throughout your body using warm water that not only removes toxins but also flushes out excess sodium, calcium, and other minerals that are excreted through urine which can cause swelling of legs and ankles during pregnancy.

Walking before sleeping:

It is advisable to take a 30-minute walk at least 2 hours prior to going to bed as it helps relieve tension caused by excessive sitting or standing leading to better blood flow throughout the body which makes you fall asleep quickly especially after exercising since it releases endorphins, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles improving the quality of sleep.


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