Benefits and Harms of Brazilian Waxing

Benefits and Harms of Brazilian Waxing

1. When you’re doing a Brazilian wax, you avoid all those ingrown and red bumps that come with shaving.  Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker, so after a while, it starts to look like there’s more hair than there actually is. Shaving also causes the hair to be bumpy and sends it in different directions. When you wax, the hair comes back in a straight line, so it looks thinner and more even.

2. Waxing actually grows your hair out longer.  The reason why shaving makes it look thicker is that when you shave your skin, it just cuts off the top of the hair that’s already there – but not the root.

The root is still in there, and it keeps growing back, so after a little while, you have stubbly regrowth that looks thicker than the rest of your hair.  When you wax, you’re ripping out the entire root – even if it was just a single hair! This is why waxing lasts for much longer between sessions.

3. Hair grows in all different directions, so waxing makes it straighter and easier to manage. Once your hair starts growing back after you’ve had a wax, it’s already growing in the direction that will allow it to be lower maintenance – which is why you no longer have to curl under those stragglers that are growing out like a porcupine.

4. You don’t need to shave as much. Shaving and waxing both make your hair grow back thicker – but at least when you’re waxing, you don’t have those pesky red bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn!

5. Waxing makes it easier to maintain the area where you’re waxing.  When you shave, the hair comes back darker and thicker because it’s been cut at an angle to give it that “sharp” edge. Waxing, on the other hand, makes your hair come back lighter and fluffier – so there’s no point in shaving between waxes!

6. You can actually wear whatever you want. With the exception of a little line, you can wear whatever you want after waxing! You don’t have to worry about those pesky bikini bumps or razor burn, and whether or not your hair is going to poke out from behind your bathing suit.

7. With shaving, no matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance of nicking yourself with the razor.  So there’s no point in shaving between waxing sessions because you’re still going to end up with those dark, stubbly regrowth hairs that look thicker than they actually are!

8. Brazilian waxing makes it less likely that you’ll end up as hairy as Cousin It.  With shaving, there’s always that chance for more hair to grow back – but when you’re waxing, the hair is out of your system for good! This means that once you’ve had your first wax, it will be much easier to maintain between sessions if you decide to do them again.

9. Waxing makes it less likely that you’ll end up with bumps.  When you shave, the hair is already at an angle – but when it grows back in, it’s straight out which means that there’s a greater chance for ingrown hairs and bumps to appear. If you’re waxing, this doesn’t happen because your hair is growing in one direction instead of a million directions.

10. Not only does waxing make it less likely for you to end up with bumps, but it also makes it less likely for your hair to grow back thicker – which means that the more times you get waxed, the better!  The longer between waxes you can go, the better because then your hair won’t start growing back in thicker and darker than it was before.

11. Waxing is much more sanitary than shaving because there’s no possibility of getting cut and/or nicking yourself with a razor.  Razors can also spread bacteria – so if you’re not really good about cleaning them thoroughly, then it’s much easier to say goodbye to good hygiene if you choose to shave.

Waxing only touches wax, so there’s no risk of spreading germs or dirtiness when you’re trying to look clean and fresh in the areas where you’ve had it done!

12. There are fewer chemicals involved with waxing than with shaving.  When you shave, you use soap and/or shaving cream – which can clog up your pores and cause acne.  Waxing requires no harsh chemicals that might irritate the skin and strip it of its natural oils, making it much harder for acne to form!

13. Waxing is simply less painful than shaving because you’re yanking hair out by the root, not cutting it at an angle.  The hair is pulled out in one go (instead of requiring multiple strokes) which means that you don’t have to deal with any pain from going over the same spot multiple times!

14. Waxing has a better “after” effect than shaving because when you shave, your hair is cut at an angle and has a sharp edge.  This means that when it grows back in, the ends curl inward and there’s a greater chance for bumps to appear all over again!

15. And finally, with shaving comes stubble – which can be frustrating when you’re trying to look clean and smooth.  Waxing doesn’t have stubble, and it lasts a whole lot longer than shaving!

Disadvantages of Brazilian wax:

1. It hurts! And it’s not only the ripping of hair from your hoo-ha. Waxing can also cause skin irritation, redness, and even infections if you don’t properly care for your skin after waxing.

The disadvantage is, that you have to wait until all hairs are grown again before waxing, and during this time, you can get irritation and redness because of the hair growing back. We totally recommend waxing in between your normal laser or IPL sessions. That way you really reduce the regrowth speed to a minimum and when doing regular laser sessions it becomes hardly visible!

2. It’s expensive. In addition to the cost of the actual waxing, you’ll need to pay for things like razor blades and baby oil, which you’ll use before the appointment. Over time, regular treatments can get pretty pricey.

This is true of any method of hair removal if you are not using laser sessions in between. It is actually more cost-effective than any other methods that do not involve lasers. And if you are doing regular laser sessions, the costs are very low too!

3. It takes time. While any waxing method will take some time to execute, Brazilian waxes can be particularly laborious. Before your technician even gets down to business with the wax, she has to massage baby oil onto your skin and then let it sit for several minutes. Afterward, she’ll pull the wax off with a paper strip, which rips out your hair in addition to whatever other wax is still clinging to your skin.

This is not true anymore! At least at The Waxing Lounge, we use hot wax that makes the whole process go much faster than it used to (which means less time in the chair and you get to leave sooner)!

4. It may be embarrassing. If you’ve never been waxed before, it can be a bit intimidating when your beautician spreads warm wax over your most sensitive area of skin. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the smoothness of waxing, but knowing what to expect and doing some research beforehand can help.

This is so so true, but we can assure you that you will be totally relaxed with us! Here we do not use the original Brazilian waxing method anymore (the one where they attach a piece of linen ribbon on your skin and tear it off together with the wax). We do the new method where they use a spatula and attach it directly to your skin so there is no time in between when you will see your waxed skin!

5. It’s not permanent. A Brazilian wax removes hair from the root, but even after several sessions, it won’t get rid of all of your pubic hair for good. However, it will get the job is done for several weeks at a time, which can be handy if you don’t want to spend too much time on your hair removal regimen.

Most definitely true! Laser is the only permanent option out there. But we really do appreciate that this method is better than shaving or bleaching! Thanks to laser sessions in between, we can keep our girls looking nice and clean for a really long time!

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