Benefits of Before Bed Workout for Muscle Gain

Benefits of Before Bed Workout for Muscle Gain

1) Boost your Growth Hormone & Testosterone:

Your body naturally produces more Human Growth Hormone during the first half of a night’s sleep. A quick workout before going to bed can help raise your levels of growth hormone and testosterone, which both aid in muscle gain and fat loss. Being low on either of these hormones can make it tough to pack on muscle and burn fat.

2) Burn Calories:

The calories you burn during your workout count toward your total daily calorie expenditure, which aids in weight loss; however, the number of calories burned after your workout is over is most important for weight loss.

A 2005 study published in Obesity Research found that subject’s metabolic rate was elevated for 14 hours after a high-intensity workout. If you’re looking to burn fat while building muscle, a before-bed workout is a way to go.

3) Sleep Better:

Working out decreases a peptide called NPY in your brain which makes you feel more awake when it’s time to sleep and reduces fatigue from lack of sleep. Working out also releases endorphins which will help you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

There is scientific evidence that if we exercise in the morning, after a night’s rest, it has a negative influence on our circadian rhythms and this can cause an earlier onset of fatigue. Furthermore, when we exercise before going to bed, our body temperature is higher than the time we are supposed to sleep.

That causes an increase in metabolic rate and it stimulates metabolism making us able to burn more calories. According to research the optimal time for cardio training before sleeping is 8 pm, while strength training can be done as late as 10 pm.

But what if you can’t work out in the evening?

Are there any benefits to doing a workout before sleeping? The answer is yes. If you are unable to work out in the evening, because of other commitments or obligations, there are still a few benefits you can take advantage of when working out in the morning or afternoon.

Research shows that if you exercise during these times your body temperature is lower than when you train during the evening, so it will not interfere with your circadian rhythms and cause an early onset of fatigue. Another benefit is that if you are working out in the morning, after a night’s rest, you’ll have more energy to perform better in the workout.

Exercises to do before bed for weight loss:

if you did a circuit of two exercises back to back, with little or no rest in-between, this will cause a surge in your natural growth hormone and testosterone levels.

Mini workout before bed:

This is one of the best times to do cardio, not only because your temperature is lower, but also because you can elevate your growth hormone after working out. The elevated levels of growth hormone will allow for more fat loss and muscle building. Try doing a 15-minute jog or walk on an empty stomach to jumpstart your metabolism.

How many hours before bed should you exercise:

If you will be doing a workout before bed, make sure to not eat anything for at least one hour prior. If you do need a snack try some foods rich in amino acids such as milk or almonds. Amino acids have been known to boost metabolism so this will keep your muscles from losing their gains while you’re sleeping.

How many hours before aircon should you workout:

After a workout, your body temperature is higher than normal for about 30 minutes, so avoid going near the air conditioner in this period. During this time, take a shower or bath to lower your body’s core temperature. By lowering the core temperature, you will allow your muscles to cool down and relax. After taking a shower or bath, put on some comfortable clothes.

lifting weights before bed:

If you are going to lift weights prior to bed, make sure not to train your larger muscle groups or the ones that have a high amount of connective tissue. Since these muscles are already tight from being worked out they may swell up and restrict blood flow if you go to bed.

Workout before bed muscle gain:

One of the best times to work out is prior to bed because your body temperature is lower. If you do a circuit of two exercises back-to-back, with little or no rest in between, this will cause a surge in your natural growth hormone and testosterone levels, which aid in muscle gain and fat loss.

Working out before bed:

Lower body training like squats and leg presses are good choices around 30 minutes before bed because they will elevate your growth hormone. This means you will benefit by losing fat while gaining muscle. Also, try doing some cardio at night to get the blood flowing and bring more nutrients to repair your muscles faster.

Walking before bed:

Walking is one of the best cardio workouts you can do before bed because it boosts your metabolism. You are also burning calories while walking so this is a double whammy for weight loss, however, avoid walking shortly after eating as this may cause acid reflux.

Is it good to do workouts before bed:

It is actually very important to work out before bed. The body generates more Human Growth Hormone in the night and if the person has a sedentary lifestyle, this hormone balances it out in order for you not to have any problems. However, for people who already have a sedentary lifestyle, this hormone is very important in order to balance out the chemical reactions in their bodies and avoid negative effects.

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