Beat Saber lands on Dreams in VR: here is the creation of a player!

The potential offered by the articulated editor of Dreams they were able to immediately amaze the gaming community, which ventured into the creation of the most diverse creations.

Spacing between original works, tributes to great classics and replicas of famous titles, active users on the game signed by Media Molecule have created a true digital creative universe. In constant expansion, the latter has recently crossed the borders of traditional gaming, to make its entrance into the fascinating world of Virtual Reality. During the month of July, in fact, the development team made available the VR update of Dreams, now also playable via PlayStation VR.

Willing to take advantage of this new dimension of the title PlayStation 4, many players have given themselves to the creation of productions designed specifically to be experienced in the first person, with a viewer lowered over the eyes. In this vein, a tribute to Beat Saber, dynamic and adrenaline, also found space rhythm game made from lightsabers, music and colored cubes. The title developed by Hyperbolic Magnetism has in fact been recreated within Dreams: you can view the tribute made by a fan thanks to the video that you find directly at the opening of this news. What do you think of the final result?

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