How to configure the unlocking of the iPhone with Apple Watch when we wear a mask

Now that we have iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 between us, we can take advantage of some great functionality. With both versions we will be able unlock the iPhone through the Apple Watch as long as we wear a mask put. And it does it comfortably, quickly and safely.

Unlock your iPhone with Face ID with Apple Watch and a mask

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020, masks have become part of our daily lives. For users with an iPhone with Face ID this was a problem, since the facial recognition system was not capable of authenticating the user. Apple has come up with a compromise solution, which only Apple Watch users can benefit from. you can check more at Techmehow.

fit iPhone face mask

Whoever has iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 installed, an iPhone with Face ID and an Apple Watch Series 3 or higher can benefit from this authentication system. To do this, just go on the iPhone Go to Settings> Face ID and activate the unlock function with the clock. In the upper capture you can see this setting activated, which shows the name of the clock.

It is a familiar system for those who have a Mac, because we can also unlock the equipment with the Apple Watch. Of course, both the watch and the iPhone they have to be closer, be both with the code entered if we have restarted it and with a connection between both. It is possible that in places like an elevator the unlocking system does not work.

iOS 14.5 now available for your iPhone: mask unlock, Spotify and others as default service and more

Every time the iPhone is unlocked by this system, the Apple Watch will notify us with a notification. In it we can lock phone remotely if we do not recognize this activity. A method that, in addition to being fast, is very safe.


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