Be My Favourite Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Be My Favourite Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

My Favourite season 2 romantic drama is Thailand BL. It is an extremely renowned program in the BL community. Be My Favorite is a member of Thailand’s finest romantic BL dramas.

The program premiered across the GMM 25 and Viu TV streaming platforms on May 26, 2023. The viewers of Be My Favorite adored the show’s plot and the cast’s rapport.

Wasuthep Ketpetch directs the BL romantic drama Be My Favorite, which has been produced from Suthasinee Busaraphan and Darapa Chayasuan. The supernatural elements of the program greatly intrigued the audience.

Each of the twelve episodes in the first season receives an equal quantity of audience affection. Each episode contains intriguing plot elements that keep viewers engaged until the very end.

The first season of Be My Favorite concluded on August 11, 2023, leaving viewers with a sense of longing.

They have been awaiting the renewal of the program alongside a new and thrilling season ever since it ended.

This article will also provide a summary of the first season, so there’s no need to fret if you don’t recollect what occurred. So, let’s begin the article for today.

The good news is the fact that the release date for the second season is approaching, bringing with it the promise of a fresh tide of emotions as well as compelling storytelling.

In this article, your will learn the release date, the anticipated plot, the cast, and where you can watch Season 2 of Be My Favorite.

Friends navigate the complexities for relationships, aspirations, and personal development in this series.

It depicts the essence of adolescence and the obstacles that accompany it in a way that makes it relatable to viewers of all ages.

The cast members have perceptible camaraderie, which enhances the true nature of their performances.

Many admirers are anxious to see how the characters’ journeys progress and what new obstacles they encounter in season 2.

The official release date over the upcoming season is still unknown, but fans can view the official trailer to get a sneak peek.

Be My Favorite is an array that will keep viewers captivated until the end due to its endearing characters and sincere plot.

Be My Favourite Season 2 Release Date

Wasuthep Ketpetch directed the BL romantic supernatural drama Be My Favorite. The series premiered on the GMM 25 as well as Viu TV streaming platforms on May 26, 2023.

The series concluded on August 11, 2023, and fans anxiously await the second season. They are expecting which the second season will get released shortly in order that they can continue viewing the show.

The release date of the program has not yet been made official. It appears that viewers will have a while longer for the release of the program. They can anticipate that the program will shortly be available.

The first season was a tremendous success, and the second season may shortly return with even more thrilling plots.

Prior to the release of the second season, viewers can watch other programs with comparable plots, such as History 1: Obsessed, Fish Upon the Sky, The Wrap Effect, and Triage, among others.

Be My Favourite Season 2 Cast

The first season of Be My Favorite concluded on August 11, 2023. Fans eagerly anticipate the premiere of a new season. They are anxious to learn who has been selected for the second season.

The personnel for the second season cannot be presumed at this time, as the program has not yet been officially announced. However, the second season is forthcoming.

Krist Perawat Sangpotirat portrays “Kawi” Botkawi in the first season, while Fluke Gawin Caskey portrays Pisaeng Jirawarakul.

Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol was perceived as Pearmai, Aou Thanaboon Kiataniran as Max, and Title Kirati Puangmalee along with Jus Justina Suvanvihok as Knot and Kwan, respectively.

Be My Favourite Season 2 Trailer

Be My Favourite Season 2 Plot

Thailand BL’s supernatural romantic thriller Be My Favourite aired on May 26, 2023, and concluded on August 11, 2023. The show’s fans are eagerly awaiting the second season’s premiere.

In the second season of Be My Favorite, fans can anticipate a continuation of the first season’s plot, character development, and the introduction of new characters.

Wasuthep Ketpetch directs and Suthasinee Busaraphan and Darapa Chaysasan produce the first season.

Unfortunately, the creators of Be My Favorite have not yet announced the show’s official premiere date. Thus, the narrative of the second season cannot yet be predicted.

In the first season, Botkawi purchased a melodious crystal ball for Paermai out of affection. The ball transports them to his eighteenth year. He is resolved to having Permai fall in affection for him, yet winds up in Gisaeng’s arms.

Be My Favorite recounts the enthralling tale of Kawi, a despondent college student whose existence takes a surprising turn after discovering a strange music box.

Kawi uncovers a chance to alter his fate due to an extraordinary turn of events, despite his acute burden for unrequited love toward his classmate Pearmai.

In the very first episode, Pearmai chooses Kawi to be her confidential friend, and he plans to confess his emotions to her at a gathering.

However, his expectations are shattered when the intended gift for Pearmain, a music box, is unintentionally damaged.

He returns home, believing it was all a hallucination, and turns upon the music box, only to have been transported back in time.

In this time-traveling adventure, Kawi comes to college more determined than ever before to succeed.

Due to his foresight, he gains the camaraderie of Pearmai and other students while improving his financial situation with his lottery winnings.

Instead of accomplishing his objective, his actions result in the loss of his friendship with Peesang.

As he delves deeper into the challenges of rewriting his history, Kawi struggles with conflicting emotions and the repercussions of his choices.

Each step forces him to confront the improbability of time travel and the difficulties of finding love and contentment.

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