Unforgotten Season 6 Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

The first episode of the gripping English criminal thriller series Unforgotten aired on ITV on October 8, 2015. After five massively successful seasons, fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Unforgotten Season 6. Chris Lang and Andy Wilson’s brainchild was brilliantly written and directed by them.

The drama follows a dedicated squad of London detectives led by DCI Cassie Stuart, DCI Jessie James, and DI Sunny Khan as they investigate cold cases of murder and missing persons. Learn all you need to find out about the highly anticipated sixth season of Unforgotten with our comprehensive guide.

Unforgotten Season 6 Renewal Status

Unforgotten, ITV’s critically acclaimed crime drama, has officially been renewed for a sixth season. Fans have been wondering whether the show will be renewed after the thrilling season 5 finale aired on Monday, April 3rd, and became available on ITVX in February for the fifth season debut.

The sixth season of the ITV show will be arriving soon, so our fears were unfounded. Season five has a total of eight million viewers, with the first episode alone being the most-watched program on ITV this year.

Unforgotten Season 6 Release Date

The critical response to Unforgotten has been overwhelmingly positive. Unforgotten, currently in its fifth season, has been ITV’s best drama so far this year. The season premiere drew in 8.4 million viewers, the network’s highest rating so far in 2023, while the remaining episodes have averaged just around 8.1 million.

Despite all this fantastic news, we feel it’s important to mention that the likely launch date for Season 6 has still not been acknowledged. Many fans, however, expect it to return for the 2024–25 season on ITV. We want to stress that this is only going to occur if production begins on time this year. Of course, this is all conjecture at the moment! The release date is uncertain until the network announces it.

Unforgotten Storyline  

Chris Lang is responsible for creating and writing the fascinating British crime drama Unforgotten. Two London police detectives, DCI Cassie Stuart, and DI Sunny Khan, were introduced to viewers when the show premiered on ITV in November 2015. The series follows them as they investigate cold cases of murder and disappearance in an effort to bring those responsible to justice.

Unforgotten is an anthology series that airs for six episodes per season and is based on contemporary moral challenges drawn from actual events. Each episode explores a different historical situation that has echoes in the here and now. As the investigators dig deeper, they find evidence of deception and secrets that had been hidden for a long time.

This not only sheds light on the situation but also forces people to confront uncomfortable realities about themselves. The plot of the upcoming sixth season has not been revealed, but it is likely to be a further mystery with a dramatic undercurrent. Our daring investigators will embark on a voyage full of twists and turns, as is their custom.

Unforgotten Cast

  • Nicola Walker as DCI Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Stuart
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan
  • Sinéad Keenan as DCI Jessica ‘Jessie’ James
  • Jordan Long as DS Murray Boulting
  • Lewis Reeves as DC Jake Collier
  • Pippa Nixon as DC Karen ‘Kaz’ Willetts
  • Peter Egan as Martin Hughes, DCI Stuart’s father
  • Jassa Ahluwalia as Adam Stuart, DCI Stuart’s son
  • Colin R. Campbell as DSI Clive Andrews, DCI Stuart’s boss
  • Carolina Main as DC Fran Lingley
  • Alastair MacKenzie as ex-DCI John Bentley and later Cassie’s partner
  • Georgia Mackenzie as Leanne Balcombe, pathologist
  • Michelle Bonnard as Sally Fields, Sunny’s partner
  • Janet Dibley as Jenny, Martin’s partner
  • Andrew Lancel as Steve James, DCI James’ husband
  • Kate Robbins as Kate, DCI James’ mother
  • Ian McElhinney as Lord Anthony Hume
  • Hayley Mills as Lady Emma Hume
  • Martina Laird as Ebele Falade
  • Mark Frost as Dave Adams
  • Max Rinehart as Karol Wojski
  • Rhys Yates as Jay (Joseph) Royce
  • Hebe Beardsall as Cheryl
  • Andrew Lancel as Steve James
  • Mark Oosterveen as Graham Saville

Unforgotten Season 6 Plot

The sixth season’s plot is still a mystery, but it’s safe to presume there will be some dark drama involved. The path our detectives take will, as always, be full of unexpected turns and twists. The group will need to investigate thoroughly to uncover the facts. It will be fascinating to learn what surprising details and startling revelations surface this time around.

In addition, Season 6 of Unforgotten will feature a greater focus on character growth. Cassie and Sunny are forced to confront their demons and discover who they are as a result of the ongoing investigations. The season finale, it is safe to assume, will also have an unexpected twist that will leave viewers wanting more.

Unforgotten Season 6 Trailer

The sixth film’s trailer has yet to debut, however, the film itself is scheduled for release in 2024. Production and filming for this season will begin very soon. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you apprised of this breaking news as more information becomes available.

Where to watch Unforgotten?

For reasons relating to our broadcast and content permits, all five seasons of Unforgotten can only be viewed in the UK on the streaming service ITVX. Those who live outside of the region can attempt to watch the show online by connecting to a virtual private network or downloading episodes. However, some VPN users have stated that ITVX would block them from watching episodes if they suspect they are using one.

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