Attack on Titan: This is what Pieck was supposed to be like in Isayama’s initial plans

The first part of the fourth season of theAttack of the Giants ended with a significant twist, which set the stage for the new, and bloodier, conflict between Paradis and Marley, and as fans await the return of the anime, slated for 2022, the design leaked online. original of the owner of the Giant Chariot.

The character of Pieck is playing a very important role in the final stagioen, being part of the Nine Giants, and although his human form has only recently made his debut it seems that the creator Hajime Isayama had different plans in mind for the owner of the Giant Chariot. As you can see from the post at the bottom, shared on Twitter by @KenXyro in fact the mangaka had imagined a middle-aged man instead of the girl, from the name Oliver Pieck.

Pieck showed his total loyalty to Marley’s nation in the very last episode of the series, making even little Gabi believe that she had betrayed her companions, actually managing to take some time to have Reiner and the others arrive on the field, and to have Eren attack the Giant Jaw.

Recall that a leak has revealed the title of chapter 139, and we leave you to particular cameo characters from Game of Thrones in the Isayama manga.

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