“My Hero Academia” Season 5: Release Date, Official Trailer, and More Updates!!

All the fans and followers will surely be waiting for the next season of this amazing and thrilling manga series “My Hero Academia”. Most fans have been waiting to know everything about season 5 of the manga. You can read the article to get all the details including release dates, official trailer, and more updates on “My Hero Academia”.

“My Hero Academia” is a Japanese Anime superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. Kenji Nagasaki is the one who did a great work of directing such an interesting masterpiece. Bones Studio is the official video animation studio for “My Hero Academia”. The series was gradually picking up its fans and followers after it did telecast in Japan in 2016. It was not more than a year when the second season of “My Hero Academia” released and season 3 comes following in 2018. It was 2019 when the previous and fourth season of the manga series did premiere.  Merging all the four seasons, there is a total of 88 episodes in English as well as the Japanese language.

About Official Trailer

There is surely good news and bad news. Let us first move to the good news and that is the official teaser of the upcoming season is out now. Yes, you can have a look at the official teaser and get a very little glimpse of what will happen in the next part. If you have not yet watched the tease of “My Hero Academia” season 5, then you can check out below.


Now, you will feel a slight disappointment to know that the official trailer of season 5 is yet to launch. So it seems like fans and viewers will have to wait a little more to watch the trailer of “My Hero Academia”.

When Will Season 5 Release?

As you all know, the production of almost all the manga series has come to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. So the filmmakers are not going to announce the official releasing dates of the upcoming season sooner. All the fans and followers will have to be patient to hear about the official release dates. We know that waiting for the next season can be much frustrating but there is nothing to be done. Fans and viewers will have to calm their horses down and try not to get impatient. Our best guess is that season 5 of “My Hero Academia” will premiere in late 2021 or early 2022.

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