Reliance Jio introduces WiFi mesh router

Recently, Reliance Jio has launched the mesh router. Reliance Jio is an Indian telecommunication company that is majorly called Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. It is a subsidiary of Jio platforms. The headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance Jio provides 4G network in all over India.

About Jio Router

Before knowing about the Jio router, we should know what a router is, and how does it work? Mesh router is a wireless device that provides internet connection surrounding its area. Mesh router can have several nodes. They will provide an internet connection without interruption.

This time Reliance takes a massive step towards expanding its network beyond the range of the primary router. The range of the main router is across homes and office areas of the country. Now, with the help of the router, Reliance will reach its peak as a network provider. Before launching the router, the Reliance network will make available in a place where Jio fiber connection is present.

During the launch, the company says that the router will cover 1000 square feet area on the same floor. However, the range and effectiveness of the wifi router will depend on the other facts that include interference from the other wifi connection in the surrounding area, users distance from the router, placement of the router, and a number of walls between the router and the user.

Considering these all matters about the mesh router, Jio has launched a mesh WIFI router. This wifi router will expand the availability of the Jio network. As far as we know, wifi router will extend the wifi converge beyond the current users. The Reliance Jio set the wifi router price at ₹2499. There are no other details available about the Jio wifi router as of now. However, the rumors said that the manufacturing of the wifi router is done by the one Neolync Electronics located in Karnataka.

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