These are the products already compatible with the Search network: bicycle, headphones and beacons

This week we have seen the network launch Search, with which Apple wants to integrate in the application of the same name all kinds of third-party accessories to be able to easily locate them as we already do with the company’s devices.

It is still early days, but we already have some top brands that have already jumped on the bandwagon. We’ll see which products can be located from this week with the U1 chip of the most modern Apple devices.

Find My Pioneers: Belkin, VanMoof and Chipolo

The first product is the one you can see in the image above: VanMoof electric bikes are integrated into the network Search in the two models in their catalogs, the S3 and the X3. One of these two models is chosen depending on our height, and the base price starts at 1,998 euros with charger and mounting kit included.

These bicycles stand out for their finishes, their 25 km / h top speed in accordance with the legislation of many cities and an automatic gear change motor. Its autonomy is up to 150km in optimal conditions and its battery has a capacity of 504 Wh.

Chipolo One Spot

Chipolo has created a special edition of his beacon, called Chipolo ONE Spot, which integrates with Apple’s Search network. It will be a competitor to the AirTag as soon as it goes on sale in June. It will have a hole to be placed on our keychain and we can buy them in packages of several units if we want.

If you don’t mind this integration with the Search network, Chipolo already sells beacons compatible with iOS that use their own location network to locate themselves. You can find them on Amazon at 22.50 euros per unit.

Auriculares Belkin

Finally we have the wireless headphones SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless Earbuds de Belkin, competitors of the AirPods but that will also be integrated with the Search network in order to be located as it happens with Apple headphones. In this case, what is located is the charging case and not the headphones on an individual level.

These headphones feature active noise cancellation and an autonomy of up to 8 hours, which increases to 28 hours if we combine the batteries of the headphones with that of the charging case. Such a case, by the way, can be charged by induction. The new generation compatible with Apple’s Search network will launch sometime this spring.

Apple launches an app for accessory manufacturers with integration in Search

As the weeks go by we will see more and more products joining this network, starting with some headphones from the Beats range, as has already been confirmed. Your advantage: the privacy behind the Apple ecosystem in the face of doubts that may arise from the location systems of third-party companies.

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