Apex Legends, Season 4: not only Forge, a leak reveals the arrival of Revenant

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As you know by now, a few days ago Respawn Entertainment officially unveiled Season 4 of Apex Legends, which should see the introduction of the super muscular Forge and the sniper rifle Sentinel. However, it seems that not all the news has been announced yet and that the development team has an ace up its sleeve.

Some users have in fact begun to analyze every single detail of the page relating to Season 4 on the official website and have found a second image, very similar to the one dedicated to Forge, with the protagonist Revenant. For those who do not know who we are talking about, Revenant is in some ways a robot similar to Pathfinder and, in addition to having been the subject of numerous leaks, it was also seen in the game at the Halloween event, where it acted as announcer in the timed mode set in the night version of the Canyon of the Kings. It is therefore not excluded that the developers want, for the first time since the release of the battle royale, to introduce two different legends in one season.

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Waiting to find out what is boiling in the pot, we remind you that the Apex Legends anniversary event is also coming, which will also accompany the debut of the Series 3 of the competitive mode.

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