Levi’s x Pokémon new collection NOW available!

On the occasion of 25th anniversary of the franchise of Pokémon, the fashion brand Levi’s launches a fashion collection that yes is available in your Web page.

On this occasion, the clothing brand wanted to pay tribute to some of the most iconic characters that are part of the legacy that has entertained and excited players around the world.

Levi’s launches a collection made up of different pieces of clothing available for women, men and children. The available designs range from classic short-sleeved t-shirts that carry the brand’s logo and one or more Pokémon around it, pants, hats and socks, and even a vintage suit. Unlike other advertised clothing collections, brand Levi‘s It does not usually have especially cheap prices since the shirts and hats range from 30 euros, the price of the sweatshirts is 79 euros and jeans and a denim jacket for about 140 euros.

The collection has a complete range of sizes ranging from XS a XL for adults and 3T (92-98) at 7 years (116-122) for child sizes. On the other hand, the website of Levi’s It has a small guide that helps you find your ideal size through a series of questions (height, weight, abdomen shape, chest shape, how you prefer to wear your clothes).

Pteach that in the price of your order you must add the Shipping costs what will be of 5,99 euros unless your order is higher than 49,99 euros, that then the Postage will be free.

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