Another Missing Hiker in Hawaii Found Dead

Just a couple of days after a missing hiker in Hawaii was found alive in the forest, another missing hiker in the region was found dead by a rescue team on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old lost hiker, Noah “Kekai” Mina who was unseen for days was spotted at the bottom of a 300-foot fall very close to Mauna Kahalawai, according to the rescue teams from the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife and the West Maui watershed.

Even though both hikers disappeared in the same forest and were found by the same rescuers from Windward Aviation, there is no correlation between the two events.

Well, Eller was missed on the eastern side of the Island where she was found, Mina was lost on the western side where his body was later found.

Eller, who was missing for two weeks before she was found, was praying for Mina’s return. While speaking at a press conference, she said:

“This is a perfect opportunity if it’s okay, to say I would love to say a prayer for him and I would love to send that out through these microphones and I hope that everybody else can sit with me in their hearts and say that prayer… that we can all get him back home.”

Noah’s father, Vincent Mina, has published an official statement on the hiker’s death. He released the statement on a Facebook page the family dedicated to finding the missing hiker.

Officials will soon carry out an autopsy on his corpse to ascertain the cause of his death.

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