Ancient Aliens Season 20 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

A documentary-style television show called Ancient Aliens is produced. This American TV show was created by Prometheus Entertainment.

Conspiracy theories, pseudoscientific beliefs, pseudohistorical subjects, and knowledge of ancient civilizations were all subjects that ancient aliens dealt with.

The series is shot in a documentary-style, as was already established. Various scientists including astronauts are interviewed in it.

In Ancient Aliens, science and the legendary facts associated with it are compared and clarified. Each episode highlights various scientific topics and advancements.

Cosmologists, historians, as well as other popular scientists had to endure a barrage of criticism for providing along with pseudoscience and historical misinterpretations.

But because of its outstanding storytelling approach, it continues to be adored by science fans everywhere.

As a result, the show has a sizable fan base that has grown over the course of the last 15 seasons.

In the uncritical, documentary style of the American television program Ancient Aliens, which is made by Prometheus Entertainment, the pseudoscientific theory of ancient astronauts is investigated.

Associated pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical subjects including Atlantis and other extinct civilizations, extraterrestrial encounters and ufology, and well-known conspiracy theories are also covered in episodes.

The series, which has been airing on History since 2010, faced criticism for both encouraging unconventional or unsubstantiated concepts as facts and for History’s channel drift.

Smithsonian claims that episodes of the show use a Gish gallop to engulf the spectator in “fictions and distortions” and overwhelm them.

Ancient Aliens: The Series, which debuted in 2009 as a two-hour investigative special, ran on History from 2010 to 2012 for three seasons of a flagship program.

From 2012 to 2014, the show was on H2, with repeated episodes across History and other A&E services.

After H2 was rebranded as Vice on television in 2015, the series was brought back to History. In 2023, the nineteenth season got underway. Robert Clotworthy provides the narration for each episode.

Featured guests include producer Giorgio Tsoukalos, author David Childress, and journalist Nick Pope.

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Release Date

The creators, however, have not yet provided an official release date on the product. The renewal of the show still needs to be approved by the executive producers.

Each season of The Ancient Aliens has been released with a 4-5 month interval, according to a meticulous examination of the show’s past seasons.

Given this void, Ancient Aliens Season 20 is anticipated to debut at the start of 2024.

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Cast

  • Robert Clotworthy as Narrator
  • Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as Publisher
  • David Childress as Author
  • William Henry as Author
  • Jonathan Young as Founding Curator
  • Erich von Däniken as Author
  • Jason Martell as Author
  • Andrew Collins as Author
  • George Noory as Radio Host
  • David Wilcock as Author

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Trailer

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Plot

The distinction between science and legend is shown in the movie Ancient Aliens. It also compares the two on a relative basis.

Each episode covers a different subject in an objective manner. On March 8, 2009, the show debuted.

The numerous statements made by visiting scientists are explained by Robert Clotworthy. The series aims to undermine conventional wisdom while also criticizing it.

In numerous episodes, UFO sightings including the scientific justifications for them have also been discussed. Ancient Aliens have a tendency to offer sound justifications for every hypothesis and belief.

The plot of Ancient Aliens incorporates both scientific experimentation and reasonable conclusion-making based on reliable evidence.

Through the discovery of enormous ancient drawings cut into desert floors, researchers in the series decipher ancient alien code.

The main theme of “Ancient Aliens” is how mythology and science frequently overlap. The series has provided insight on a variety of topics throughout the years, including the 2017 UFO conspiracy and the fact that the Ministry of Defense spent millions of dollars looking into the research of UFOs.

It is one of the government’s most top-secret initiatives, as “Ancient Aliens” shows. The series’ researchers look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s creative output.

They also make an effort to decipher any hidden words and messages in his artwork. The series explores the historical impact of extraterrestrial entities and discusses their influence.

A spacecraft from another planet that landed in our solar system was investigated by scientists. The cigar-shaped object was found by scientists in 2017, and some astronomers think it might be an extraterrestrial aircraft.

Researchers gain new knowledge about black holes. Is it actually there? is a query they attempt to address. They also disclose a number of bizarre occurrences and disappearances.

Some researchers also investigate these private locations that may be housing important secrets such as nuclear weapons production or extraterrestrial study.

There are a number of such absurd presumptions, one of whom is that dinosaurs were wiped out by extraterrestrials to create room for our species.

One episode focuses on the incident in 2019, when a web article encouraged numerous people to break inside Area 51.

The only reason ‘Ancient Aliens’ is still so beloved by so many people is because of bizarre beliefs and even stranger explanations.

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