Anabel Mua has the best parody of Rosalia (with which you will not stop laughing)

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'Influencer' that mixes humor and makeup, Anabel Mua It is one of the most famous instagramers to date. In addition, surely your face sounds not only of social networks, since it is one of the usual girls of 'The ones that were missing', humor program in 'Zero', of 'Movistar +'.

The grace of this Andalusian had its moment of glory in an announcement of 'teletienda' as she has well defined many times. And it is that thanks to his videos of tips went viral on Twitter more than a year ago, just without imagining the fame has come to her, being one of the most influential makeup influencers in Spain and one of the most recognized female comic faces today. And in just weeks those videos have already exceeded three million views on Twitter.

But not only make-up lives Anabel: its comic facet is a discovery. And, therefore, this video It has gone viral in just 4 hours.

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Rosalía vs Anabel Mua: this is the viral video that is triumphing on Instagram

With almost 60.ooo reproductions on Instagram and many others on TikTok (application where the video was uploaded) the imitation and parody of Anabel Mua to one of the videos with which Rosalia He shows his art on a daily basis is the best we have seen in the day – and not only congratulations and exaltations of love.

With a handkerchief, a cap, an old tracksuit and clothes pegs for nails, the 'influencer' with more art of the moment has known make our day with a very flamenco dance.

Surely very soon new videos that will make us laugh as much or more than this. Don't miss your Stories newspapers or their publications Because they have no waste.

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