This tool for Xiaomi saves space, battery and improves performance by cleaning PUAs

We are going to teach you how you can thoroughly clean your Xiaomi by deleting services and applications from the system without utility. MIUI 12 is a great ROM, but the amount of pre-installed bloatware weighs on its performance, so leaving it clean will greatly improve overall performance.

By deleting all the junk from MIUI you will gain in battery with better rest, you will save in space and, in less powerful mobiles, you can get to gain in speed, since the system has fewer resources to move. The process is very simple if you follow the steps that we are going to show you. You will need a computer with Windows, macOS or Linux to carry out this process and a tool to download.

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Enable USB debugging

Xiaomi Development Options

The first thing is to activate the USB debugging of our Xiaomi. For it we have to activate the developer options, something quite simple.

  • Open your Xiaomi settings
  • Go to ‘On the phone’
  • Press 7 times on ‘MIUI version’
  • Now go to ‘additional settings’, where the developer options will be
  • Enable USB debugging

Clever. With USB debugging active we can now make our mobile communicate with the PC using ADB, which will allow us to connect it to the tool and start cleaning it.

Download the tool and resources

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Only two files are required for this tutorial. The first thing is to download Oracle JDK. It is a safe and free Java software that will allow us to open the tool, developed with said SDK.

This tool, developed by Szaki, you just have to download it to your computer and open it. It is completely free and it even serves to flash ROMs, but we are going to focus on leaving the Xiaomi very clean. Download the tool in the path you want, open it (you can only open it if you have downloaded the Java JDK) and let’s get to work.

Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot tool

Tool Xiaomi

Once we open the tool, we connect our Xiaomi. The tool will recognize the services and apps you have installed. This is an excellent selection of system services, so we can remove all services and apps from the list without breaking the system. Yes indeed, we recommend reading well what we delete Since, if you delete the keyboard, you will be left without it until you download another one or, if you delete the files app, you will have to download another.

We can delete files without fear. In case we miss something, we just have to reinstall, since everything is saved in the tool

Deleting files is as simple as selecting the ones you want and clicking delete. Everything is done in real time and it is not necessary to restart the device. The magic of this tool is that we can delete a large part of MIUI services that we cannot delete manually, such as:

  • MSA (the app that sends advertising on Xiaomi mobiles)
  • Cleaner
  • Mi Cloud
  • Mi Browser
  • GetApps
  • Analytics
  • Joyose
  • Feedback

Many of these services are responsible for sending data to Xiaomi, related to the behavior of the device. They can be eliminated without problem, as well as the system’s own apps such as the browser, MiCloud, Xiaomi’s own app store … In our case, we have practically eliminated everything except the launcher, the keyboard, and some basic system apps.

In the event that you have accidentally deleted something, calm down, because we have a ‘reinstall’ tab in the tool, so you just have to select what you have deleted and install it again. If you don’t want to delete them completely, you also have a tab to disable them.


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