An Opportunity For Fans to be in the Collaboration of “Justin Beiber” and “Ariana Grande”!!

The Beautiful and Charming American Singer, “Ariana Grande” and the famous Canadian Singer “Justin Beiber” will be seen as a team. It is an amazing idea to team up for a music video which is really going to be exciting. But the best part of this sum up is that Fans can also be a part of this music video.

“Stuck With U” Music Video by “Justin and Ariana”:

All the Beliebers and Arianators seem to be so much excited hearing the announcement of collaboration for a music video. Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber did inform all the fans about the team up on their Instagram accounts on May 1, 2020. The music video “Stuck With U” is set to release on 8 May 2020. So they are treating fans with allowing them to be a part of it.

All the proceeds of this project will be for the “First Responders Children’s Foundation”. It is all for a good cause as the proceeds will be useful to fund scholarships for frontline workers’ children. All the healthcare workers, police officers, and paramedics will surely get high benefits from this project.

How Fans can be a part of it?

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande encourage fans and followers to be a part of their collaboration music video. Both the singers posted an instrumental version of the song after the announcement for the original song. They did urge fans to post their videos of dancing on this song.

Justin asked all his fans to get all dressed up in favorite wearables and dance on the song as the Prom. As people were not able to go to prom this year, Justin Beiber name this song as the Prom song. While Arians encourage her fans to dance with their loved ones, pets, or solo on this song. All the fans must enjoy the song and be comfortable in your own way.

So the videos of the fans will be an addition to the final track of the music video. If you are a fan then you must surely have to check this instrumental version. It is also possible that you can be a part of the music video by Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande.

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